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      (Notes) [06/11/2018] Restart - Patch Notes (ENGLISH)   06/12/18

      The patch notes for the restart today has been released! With this patch, Action Mission Rewards have been solved and will finally work as intended. You may read up on them here:    
    • Enid

      (Mini Game) Regarding the Machinations of the Eclipse Mini Game   06/12/18

      The Dark Acolyte spawn has been FIXED to where it will only spawn when the Eclipse is active. Furthermore, the Acolyte will now be dropping (3) Dark Acolyte's Orb. __________________ It is normal for players to not be able to claim a Total Eclipse Chest at times. This is a common occurrence due to the amount of players who are also accepting their reward and can also happen when you don't actually got a reward ready or missed the specific time period in which you can claim (even if the button is lit up). It's also possible it's going to a character you do not even own. It is advised that you always open your Total Eclipse Chest when you acquire it in order to prevent it from bugging when you swap characters. This is due to the character separation of Season V and we plan to diagnose and resolve this later down the line, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
    • Enid

      (Gacha) Vote for the next rotation!   06/23/18

      If you want your voice to be heard and influence the next gacha rotation then head on over here and vote for your favorite choice:
      The winners will be announced once the poll is over (No ETA) and the winning five coordi gachas and two armor gachas will be activated with a coming maintenance! Thank you for voting and good luck!
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Maintenance - March 6th, 2018

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We are back with another patch this week that'll add new content and plenty more!
Manual Patch: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

Shackles of the Past
Early March, 2018 to Early April, 2018


"A past accomplice of Lass has broke out of the Under World! Will you be able to stop him all the while saving the world from the Golden Emperor Slime's judgment!?"

NC.png.1b71358ac66495d5a6dad37aced7f97c.png Nightmare Circus is now LIVE!


- Name: Shackles of the Past
- Part(s): Six
- Objective(s):
PART 1 - Kill 40 Jugglers / Reward: Circus Armor Coupon x6, Circus Accessory Coupon x6 and Nightmare Stone Chest 5x
PART 2 - Kill Hammer Man 10 Times /  Reward: Circus Armor Chest 1x and Circus Accessory Chest 1x

PART 3 - Kill 40 Lionesses / Reward: Circus Armor Coupon x12, Circus Accessory Coupon x12 and Nightmare Stone Chest 10x
PART 4 - Kill Oretina 10 Times / Reward: Circus Armor Chest x3 and Circus Accessory Chest x3
PART 5 - Kill Ringmaster 10 Times / Reward: Piece of Cake 5x + GP Random Prop 20x
PART 6 - Kill Deranged Ringmaster 5 Times / Reward: Piece of Cake 15x + Chroma Voucher 1x
- Circus Trunks (Lv. 30 ~ Lv. 70)
Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon (100%)
4x Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon (100%)
2x Dungeon Festival Coin (100%)
1x GP Random Prop Reset Form (35%)
1x Refinery Scroll Random Chest (20%)
1x Premium Transmutation Scroll (10%)
1x Circus Armor Chest (10%)
1x Circus Accessories Chest (10%)
1x Piece of Cake (20%)
5x [Upgraded] Curtain Closer (5%)
→ Juggler
1x Ellia Card Box
1x HP Potion (X)
1x Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon
1x Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon

Hammer Man
1x Alcubra Card Box
1x HP Potion (X)
1x Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon
1x Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon

1x Xenia Card Box
1x HP Potion (X)
1x Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon
1x Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon

1x Archimedia Card Box
1x HP Potion (X)
1x Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon
1x Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon

3x Archimedia Card Box
3x HP Potion (X)
1x Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon
1x Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon
Permanent Ringmaster Pet Card

Deranged Ringmaster
3x Mystery ??? Chest
2x Socket Gem
1x Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon
1x Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon
Permanent Ringmaster Pet Card

KSL.png.b350d3880219e0e0bda2f7132b963250.png  King Slime Land will be released this month!


We apologize for the overwhelming delay in releasing King Slime Land.
Originally, we didn't plan to release the dungeon the previous month but decided to tease it but it seems the work we've put into it was taking much longer than we first anticipated.

But the dungeon is finally ready and we'll be releasing it in the middle of the month, it'll have a huge extension of possibly a month and a half and is a candidate for another possible extension if anything happens down the line.

Once more, we apologize and hope you understand!

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

Grand Chase Madness 1-Year Anniversary
Late March, 2018 to End of March, 2018


"It has been an entire year since Grand Chase Madness has launched! We have came a long way from the beginning and thank every single player for sticking with us through all the hardships we've endured along the way and we hope you continue to stick with us through every step of the way."

We're going to get this event started a tad early with event-exclusive content and release more as the month goes on!

M1AVSE.png.0fe87892bbe416a8fac58f77471da813.png  Madness 1st Anniversary Event Stamps (EARLY)

  • Login every day and stamp your calendar for awesome rewards!


Day 1 - 25x Dungeon Festival Tickets
Day 2 - 100x Madness 1-Year Anniversary Buff Potion
Day 3 - 10x Circus Armor Chest
Day 4 - 1x Chroma Voucher
Day 5 - 15x Nightmare Stone Chest
Day 6 - 1x Selectable Anniversary Coordi Box
Day 7 - 50x Champion Mode Ticket
Day 8 - 1x Character Slot Ticket
Day 9 - 20x Premium Refinery Protection Scroll
Day 10 - 1x Selectable Anniversary Cake Hat Coordi Box
Day 11 - 10x Circus Accessories Chest
Day 12 - 1x Chroma Voucher
Day 13 - 50x Event Dungeon Ticket
Day 14 - 250x [Upgraded] Curtain Closer
Day 15 - Pet Feste Card

Forge.png.d1157e118cf86f00821fc431afc8f55d.png Forge Content

  • L!AnnivChest.png.a5d8aed69d1769975cb831774d9babf5.png  Legacy 1st Anniversary Armor Chest (Material: Piece of Cake x20) (Content(s): Legacy 1st Anniversary Coordi Package) (EARLY)


    o L1AnnivF.png.d842866b71c2534287eedf886a5af204.pngL1AnnivM.png.d25aa85d6e3aac4fdd0492509b17c09a.png The package for Elesis to Uno is also available in the K-Ching Shop for 550 VP!
  • APotion.png.bb0fcab0d8cf3a457e7bd07beb5bb3a5.png  Madness 1-Year Anniversary Buff Potion (Material: Piece of Cake x1) (Content(s): 1x Madness 1-Year Anniversary Potion) (EARLY)
    o Potion Effect: 30% Boost to ATK/DEF/VIT.
  • CVoucher.png.cc5d2226c936d84a738db38a9f4f7730.pngCharacter Chromas will be enabled sometimes this month but there is no exact ETA. You may accumulate Chroma Vouchers and keep them saved until they're officially released. More methods to obtain these vouchers will be released as the month progresses.
  • BCBH.png.a314832a19eb813df74538947f63631d.png  There is suppose to be a 1x Selectable Anniversary Cake Big Head Coordi Box that will be activated sometime this month.


─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

GENERAL.png.46409bb62c5abc408683d706588dcd03.png Changes

  • AquariusA.png.cacc884008143fff4fc926ba17ec1b7d.png  The horoscope anklet has rotated!
    o Current Rotation: Pisces (Middle February ~ Late March, 2018)
    o Every 1 or 2 months the horoscope anklets on the K-Ching Shop will rotate! 
  • HDIco.png.628a9e552d67e0539541430a832e45a1.png  We have updated the entry timer for Wizard's Labyrinth to address a minor bug involving the daily reset.
    o The final timer now ends on 23:59 instead of 00:00/00:01
    o Semi-Related: obtaining the Sanctum of Destruction and The Crucible crests will no longer alert the server.
  • LisnarHP.png.9b03fc5d0011b3037c7fc6e87aecf358.png  You may now only carry approx. 10 Lisnar HP/MP potions at a time.
    o This is a temporary solution until further background problems are resolved.
  • COL.png.47532654617b0d9378821528b00a03c8.png The Conqueror of the Labyrinth crest has been updated.
    o Objective: 10 Run(s) => 5 Run(s) of Stage 30
  • AeroKittyCard.png.c69ef4fba22ff13ef02af603626cd4f1.png The pets on the following list have been buffed by the following amounts

    Feste | Overall damage boosted by 8600% ( ಥ_ಥ )

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

BUGFIXES.png.c1c2816878335ed2a1f6d99c34eacce3.png General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some graphical bugs involving multiple Angelic White weapons.
  • Fixed a bug with the Nightmare Circus, Monster Train 301, Moonlight Village, and King Slime Land crests not giving old users the new properties. Furthermore, the the Survived the Judgment and Play Land of Judgment crests have had their properties flipped.
  • Fixed a bug involving Relic of Kounats having some bugged monsters that had no champion mode attributes and in so, wouldn't drop/count for missions.
  • Fixed a bug involving the Vanessa Big Head missing faces for a couple of characters.
  • We've fixed some bugs involving a couple of Rexion/Keter parts for Edel ~ Uno (though it might just be Veigas) and added a trade in Forge to exchange.
  • Several other fixes.

BUGFIXES.png.c1c2816878335ed2a1f6d99c34eacce3.png Character Balance Bug Fixes

  • N/A

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

BALANCE.png.c5e51e2b71d899b0cea46da66e8dcdd5.png Character Changes

  • Ryan (Sentinel) - Flying Divide (4th Skill) - added much needed hit box to the start and end of the skill. Though the skill will be worked on periodically as time goes by as it's in need of polishing.
  • Ronan (Abyss Knight) - Erudon Mode (Passive) - added more chance for a spear of light to rain from heaven. More changes will be made if deemed necessary.

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

SBIconArmor.png.fe72ef385238057561c9b0909a46449c.png Seal Breaker Gacha (Armor)

  • DevilionCard.png.755747d8b4849f4ea519b3faa199845e.png  Soul Extortion (Devilion)  is now LIVE!
  • AeroKittyCard.png.c69ef4fba22ff13ef02af603626cd4f1.png  Purrfectly Wright (Aero Kitty) is now LIVE!

SBIconCoordi.png.d4db870df8e52479f341c460569844a1.png Seal Breaker Gacha (Coordi)

  • PRuiC.png.cfcaaafd51233e81b170a56927ac4a2f.png  Mad Tea Party (Rui)  is now LIVE!
  • NightmareCard.png.e2e9b564797912a19df89c477efb7ac5.png  Dark Nightmare (Nightmare) is now LIVE!
  • KeterCard.png.417b4f255a42179cbc8b43703d0a7b46.png  Keter (Keter) is now LIVE!
  • DokaebiKingCard.png.1f19f699c17f737d4cf12aecb27d5877.png  Dokaebi King (Dokaebi King) is now LIVE!
  • SiriusCard.png.7caaf1cea0cf1b4f2d91c771d34941c4.png  Dog Star (Sirius) is now LIVE!

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

VAULT.png.31ad32846be9df617c4b2b02cf563025.png Vaulted Events

  • Revolting Judgment (Items | Forge remains for +1 Week)

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

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