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    • Enid

      (Notes) [07/03/2018] Maintenance - Patch Notes (ENGLISH)   06/12/18

      The patch notes for the maintenance today has been released! With this patch, Hungry Pets' Revolt, Mini Games, and Gacha have been rotated! You may read up on them here:  
    • Enid

      (Manual Patch) July 4th, 2018   07/04/18

      A manual patch has been uploaded to address bugs in the following: Mini Dolls Hungry Pets' Revolt Zoom Selectable Lady Princeon Mini Doll Chest Casanova's Stylin' Coordi Package for Uno Lime the Queen of Errands Thank you for reporting these bugs to us!
    • Enid

      (Gacha) Vote for the next rotation!   07/26/18

      Hello Chasers!
      If you want to vote for a coordi gacha to appear on the next rotation then head on over here and vote for your pick:

      The poll has a time of approximately 1 to 2 weeks and the top five coordi gachas will be available in the game with a coming start of the month maintenance! After the poll closes, an announcement will be made listing the winning gachas which includes both armor/coordi. Good Luck!
    • Enid

      (Announcement) Concerns about the Custom Client   07/27/18

      Many people have been having several concerns regarding the custom client and the lack of patches on the server. Please do not fret as the lack of patches are purely intentional.
      We are putting forth all of our focus and efforts into making the custom client go into public testing as soon as possible and will have information about it in the short future. There are a couple of concerns regarding the custom client that I'll answer and update this announcement as a question becomes repeatedly asked. Will my account be wiped?
      A) No. Your account will not be wiped and everything will remain exactly as you left it.
        Will Dimensional Door be removed once the custom client is released?
      A) No. The plan to remove Dimensional Door will not go into action for an indefinite period of time as we have a lot to do before we can consider the option of removing the dungeon. For further clarification, Dimensional Door will NOT be removed entirely but instead be converted to a more friendly material/gear farming dungeon that is currently planned to be exclusive to Archimedia to help players get that early jump start and get their characters geared up and ready to rumble.
        Will brand new content be available on the custom client once it is released?
      A) Yes & No. The custom client will require a lot of testing to hot fix all the bugs that will most definitely arise during game play and our priority is to make the client as stable as possible before we begin implementing never before seen content into the game. But at the start, you'll notice several features of the game that will be re-introduced alongside some very accessibility-related features we've implemented. More on this in the future.
        What makes the custom client so special?
      A) The custom client is simply a brand new main.exe (game.exe) that'll allow us, the developers, to have full control over Grand Chase itself. This client is necessary if we ever plan to introduce new content into the game and fix things that would normally be impossible without it.

      A few examples of what we can do with the custom client are stuff such as:
       - Create new Characters
       - Create new Classes
       - Create new Systems
       - Create new Dungeons
       - Create new Continents
       - Create new Modes
       - Add Stronger Protection
       - Fix Countless Bugs and Exploits
       - So Much More!

      It should be noted that many of these can already be done without the custom client but with a catch. With the custom client, we have the freedom to do all of that without risking anything in return. It should also be noted that you do NOT have to DOWNLOAD A NEW CLIENT.
        When will the custom client be released?
      A) As of 07/26/2018 there is no Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA). But we hope that by Early August of 2018 we can finally begin doing a small Closed Beta testing in order to address many of the major bugs that might arise before we release the client officially to the public for game play purposes.

      More information regarding the Beta will be available at some point in the future. For those interested, keep a sharp eye on News and Announcements as that's where the thread that'll hold all the information regarding the custom client will be at!
      If you have any more questions or concerns then please make a thread at https://www.gcmadness.com/forum/index.php?/forum/13-suggestions-feedback/.

      You can ping me personally. I'll answer as soon as I can!

      Thank you for reading this and I hope I have answered any concerns you might've had.

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