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  1. ToD help.

    That is the first ToD release, yes, she had it. To remove it you just need to continue attacking her, then the shield will broke and you will be able to damage her again
  2. Well, do you use Discord?, ping me there when possible, same nickname, i will help you.
  3. Did you put it on the right folder?, also, if the awnser is yes, delete all char_[his name here].kom from resset and all soundmadness.kom from sound and see if it works
  4. Corrupted files maybe, try using wrongfilechecker.exe, it's on the #Solutions channel of our Discord.
  5. Fortalecimento de Pedra Épica

    As taxas são iguais as dos servidores originais e não serão modificadas, obrigado pelo feedback
  6. Server Maintenance? (PH)

    It's offline for everyone, there is even a topic about it, check it out:
  7. Carta Pawn Crimson Slime

    Iremos resolver isso em breve, obrigado por reportar.
  8. Seja bem-vindo Nan, espero que consiga fazer novos amigos no Grand Chase Madness, e é bom passar o tempo com essas ferramentas desde novo, ajuda bastante quando for levar mais a sério, boa sorte
  9. Drop do Circo dos pesadelos

    Vi a mesma questão no Discord, e como já respondido, não, os drops permanecem intactos.
  10. Cannot complete the launcher

    Try downloading it manually from here:
  11. Cannot complete the launcher

    delete the old gcmp.dll, restart your computer, disable your antivirus and try again
  12. Cannot complete the launcher

    yes, you can add the game to your exclusion list on the antivirus too
  13. 1000 minutes before HDs open?

    Disable auto disable daylight saving into your Windows and change your timezone, then relog on the game and test if it's ok now
  14. Cannot complete the launcher

    Your happiness is our reward =)
  15. Cannot complete the launcher