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  1. Game won't start.

    Please don't make a new thread and instead post on the one you made before as they're sort of similar problems. (I've merged the threads) You have to elaborate further on your problem. Does the client not open up at all? Or is it just a white screen? If it won't pop up, it's possible it does in Task Manage for a small time, if so delete the gcmp.dll and re-patch it.
  2. Question about VP

    You can only acquire the VP by CHECKING your attendance. It's only once per account (meaning once you do it on any character, that's it) and you get 60 VP per doing so. There's none for just logging in.
  3. Game won't start.

    It's a false positive caused by our packer, you can trust it. Just search up 'Themida' if you want to know more. You may add an exclusion to the whole folder. If you still got doubts, we can explain further.
  4. White screen crash on start up main.exe

    Delete the gcmp.dll and try to re-patch it. www.gcmadness.com/Launcher/Client/gcmp.dll
  5. Bug mision

    What character did you accept the mission on?
  6. Bug mision

    When did you clear Part 1?
  7. cordie fusion

    You can only select (1) for Appearance and (1) for Properties. You can only fuse one item at a time and you cannot fuse any item that utilizes the tag (ALL) in their name.
  8. White screen crash on start up main.exe

    Try to use the Manual Patch in the Patch Notes. This typically happens when your launcher cannot get the 'latest' .KOMs.
  9. Deity Orbs

    @Ikta Solid explanation, dang! Thank you for elaborating, we indeed plan to put Action Missions into all dungeons and improve the system to make it smoother and less buggy than it is now. One of the most annoying thing is how some objectives are shared between players, but it IS possible to fix that with some work. The thing is, we were going to utilize these deity orbs but realized they hold no place in Angry Boss. Furthermore, as Ikta stated--they'd be real overpowered and with Action Missions being a thing, it might just not work out in the way we would want it to. Though, it might be possible to utilize these orbs again in a future Hero Dungeon we got planned that takes place in Xenia but there will be a lot of changes to balance them around the missions and stuff we'll be implementing. So I'd say, expect them but don't hope for too much. It was a great mechanic back when dungeons were hard but with the Season V Update, they sort of lost their purpose. But as I said, we might re-use them somewhat for a future thing which I'd keep a watch for.
  10. Visual bug

    I am aware of it and am working on a fix.
  11. GCM account problem

    The only way would be to contact me VIA. PMs again.
  12. AB Mission Part 2 Bug

    Hmm, I sadly cannot assist you further. I'd rather you delete it, but the choice is yours.
  13. Heyyoww

    Welcome to Grand Chase Madness! I hope you have a great time and make many friends. Yes, the Daily VP is active.
  14. AB Mission Part 2 Bug

    Then that's probably why. You'd have to delete Part 2, this is odd how you had Part 3 but asked for Part 2.
  15. AB Mission Part 2 Bug

    At any point in time?