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  4. Game won't start.

    Please don't make a new thread and instead post on the one you made before as they're sort of similar problems. (I've merged the threads) You have to elaborate further on your problem. Does the client not open up at all? Or is it just a white screen? If it won't pop up, it's possible it does in Task Manage for a small time, if so delete the gcmp.dll and re-patch it.
  5. Game won't start.

    I was playing the game just fine for the past 2 days, and I went to get on again and pressed play but now the game won't start or pop up.
  6. Question about VP

    You can only acquire the VP by CHECKING your attendance. It's only once per account (meaning once you do it on any character, that's it) and you get 60 VP per doing so. There's none for just logging in.
  7. Question about VP

    Hey I was just wondering what is the process of acquiring VP daily, I heard it was 30 vp for logging in and 30 for checking attendance. I have been logging in but not long enough to check attendance so does that mean I don't earn any VP for logging in?
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  10. Game won't start.

    It's a false positive caused by our packer, you can trust it. Just search up 'Themida' if you want to know more. You may add an exclusion to the whole folder. If you still got doubts, we can explain further.
  11. Game won't start.

    I have downloaded the laucher but when I open it up and press play, I get an alert for a virus and can't get into the game. Trojan viruses scare me help.
  12. New account

    Hello. I am having a related issue as OP's: I did get the Queen's Jewels and the Character Jump notification along with the Madness Support Box, but I did not see the Character Slot Ticket, the Skill Key, nor the Weapon Change Key in the Mail. I did however, receive a Sphinx's OX Quiz coin, though that even doesn't seem to be available anymore. Edit: Got a response in the discord. Quandary resolved. Thanks for the response.
  13. White screen crash on start up main.exe

    still not working
  14. Veigas PVE Build help please

  15. Veigas PVE Build help please

    I personally use Burning Agony, Dark Cannon, Dark Barrier, Absolute Dark and Overdrive (I switch Overdrive for Dimension ruler sometimes though). Black Hole is a good alternative to Burning Agony but it's really buggy on bosses. For passives i use Arref, Barb and Tet. Dark Cannon will be your main source of damage with this build as it kinda works like Onrush (Just keep spamming Z to keep shoothing). As for props honestly just about the most average ones Crit chance, Crit dmg, Special attack and MP recov. ^~^ These are my current stats i still have a few prop to reset but yeah you get the point >~<
  16. Veigas PVE Build help please

    what should i use for pve veigas please let me know Skills all 4 And prop suggestions
  17. White screen crash on start up main.exe

    Delete the gcmp.dll and try to re-patch it.
  18. pet rutherford

  19. Bug mision

    What character did you accept the mission on?
  20. pet rutherford

    Just relog from the game.
  21. pet rutherford

    I can't equip pet rutherford on my characters. HELP!!!
  22. White screen crash on start up main.exe

    the patch is ok but my first problem still there the white screen on start up then it crash.. i dont have anti virus i even do what you reply a day ago about turning of windows defender but its not working pls help me I really love this game because this the first online game i play when i learn using computer... thank you
  23. Bug mision

    first day event angry boss
  24. Bug mision

    after the update to the latest event
  25. Bug mision

    When did you clear Part 1?
  26. cordie fusion

    You can only select (1) for Appearance and (1) for Properties. You can only fuse one item at a time and you cannot fuse any item that utilizes the tag (ALL) in their name.
  27. Bug mision

    I have a bug when I complete the first mission the second mission does not appear. nick Skyscrapper
  28. cordie fusion

    Hello I was trying to create a cordie fusion item and I have bought the fusion scrolls for it as well but when i go to select an item I'm only able to select one item and not another Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  29. White screen crash on start up main.exe

    Try to use the Manual Patch in the Patch Notes. This typically happens when your launcher cannot get the 'latest' .KOMs.
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