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    • Enid

      (Notes) [06/11/2018] Restart - Patch Notes (ENGLISH)   06/12/18

      The patch notes for the restart today has been released! With this patch, Action Mission Rewards have been solved and will finally work as intended. You may read up on them here:    
    • Enid

      (Mini Game) Regarding the Machinations of the Eclipse Mini Game   06/12/18

      The Dark Acolyte spawn has been FIXED to where it will only spawn when the Eclipse is active. Furthermore, the Acolyte will now be dropping (3) Dark Acolyte's Orb. __________________ It is normal for players to not be able to claim a Total Eclipse Chest at times. This is a common occurrence due to the amount of players who are also accepting their reward and can also happen when you don't actually got a reward ready or missed the specific time period in which you can claim (even if the button is lit up). It's also possible it's going to a character you do not even own. It is advised that you always open your Total Eclipse Chest when you acquire it in order to prevent it from bugging when you swap characters. This is due to the character separation of Season V and we plan to diagnose and resolve this later down the line, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
    • Enid

      (Gacha) Vote for the next rotation!   06/23/18

      If you want your voice to be heard and influence the next gacha rotation then head on over here and vote for your favorite choice:
      The winners will be announced once the poll is over (No ETA) and the winning five coordi gachas and two armor gachas will be activated with a coming maintenance! Thank you for voting and good luck!


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