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[Feedback] King Slime Land

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Hello Chasers!

As many of you are aware, we have finally released our official King Slime Land rework!
Which is as of now, exclusive to only Grand Chase Madness!

We hope that many of you are enjoying the rework as much as the fun we had doing it!
A very large amount of time & effort went into doing this rework and we are pleased to see the results be overwhelmingly positive!
This rework is an idea for the players to taste what we're capable of doing in the future, this is only the beginning!

Our 15-Day Grace Period has ended which prohibited us from touching the dungeon in any way that affects functionality and now we got plans to improve the dungeons in a variety of other ways!
Now, we want to ask you, the community, to pitch in your voice and give us some feedback about the King Slime Land rework and talk to us about the dungeon in general.
You can give your opinion about the rework, suggest ways to improve it, or simply report some found bugs with it!

If you got a few things you'd like to say then simply head on over to our Google Forms and fill out the questionnaire:

Please submit only serious responses.

Don't bother replying if you're going to simply say it's too hard to solo. This isn't a solo dungeon, it's meant for groups.

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Feedback Suggestions Replies #1 (1 to 21)

In an effort to communicate with the community further, we'll be replying to your King Slime Land suggestions!
We suggest taking everything with a pinch of salt.

Suggestion(s) 1 to 5


S1 - improve the drops pet,or any thing like +17 ahaha :)
A1 -
The drop rates are kept low for the same reason why True Iron Dragon is low--to prevent people from hoarding everything in like 3 runs and have no purpose to run the dungeon again. These rates are intentional and are not prone to any changes as it stands currently.

S2 - The rework was so hard. It's so difficult to finish it alone not like the old one.
A2 -
This dungeon isn't meant to be something you can just solo so easily, its rework was meant to make it harder and appeal more to teams. we have even seen people solo it in less than 5 minutes using characters such as Sieghart, so we don't believe it's hard, you simply have to learn the dungeon until you can naturally clear it quickly.

S3 - Add one more life that must be enough
A3 -
King slime land was originally going to limit you to the 1 life you're accustomed to in Season V, but we've decided that with the potion/revive restrictions it would be wise to add an extra life to make up for the restriction. you don't really need 3 if you know what you're doing.

S4 - The slimes' ai are too easy to abuse, similar to harkion. As an arme, I can just abuse her wave (z+^) and get the slimes to keep dogdging towards me while showing me their back, which makes it easy to get a back attack on them. Rui makes the slimes extremely abusable as well. The stop from Rui's attack makes it extremely easy to get a proper back attack, which is very important for Arme. The ease of access of a back attack allows Arme to dish out 999k easily with phoenix, even with the stat restrictions. She merely needs to use athena's sword and fear lvl2, as well as a back attack.
A4 - It is not deniable that some characters simply have a natural advantage over specific monsters in the game. Our latest changes to Evasion were in an effort to prevent characters and pets from stun-locking the slimes and hopefully give the slimes enough time to do their abilities and stuff. We can literally butcher Arme incredibly hard in this dungeon, but we don't because we don't see the issue with her here, she just has a natural knat for abusing the AI of monsters that utilize Evasion and that's fine, it's like Rune Caster in Hungry Pets' Revolt. You may submit another feed back if you have further ways to improve their AI.

S5 - As a writer, I am particularly triggered by the dialogue content in KSL. It is, to put it simply, a rollercoaster of bad writing.  For example, when Sieghart says: "Haven't you seen the news?" I don't think i've actually ever seen this phrase used anywhere. Most people would use, "Haven't you heard the news?" Not to mention, this woult fit Sieghart's character way more, as I doubt he would actually 'read' anything that could potentially be posted in Serdin. There's also the matter of inconsistency. Before fighting the defender slimes, Ryan says: "It's just three over-grown blobs," despite the fact that there are only two defender slimes. This suggests that there were originally three of them during the writing of this naration, and someone decided to remove one of them later, after the naration was already done. Another thing about Emperor slime's move bothers me; his rush move initially knocks down the players before he could send them up, which renders its utility as a one-hit KO move pointless.
A5 - Thank you for submitting a feedback! It's always great to have criticism from someone that works in the writing department. Most of the dialogue in King Slime Land was written on top of the original, please keep that in mind--the 'Haven't you seen the news?' was something the original translators did and we simply kept that. We would've appreciated it further if you listed all the 'bad' dialogues in the dungeon so we can do something about it though but it's no problem. We have no actual person in the team who has experience with writing or any of that which makes it harder to bring out the personality of characters and write something of the ages. We will fix the inconsistencies and the news portion! Thank you for your feedback, it's highly appreciated! As for the Emperor Slime move, we understand that pain, the Slime Tackle is quite a bad attack with a terrible hit box. We'll be removing said hit box and instead making it a knock-up only move for the Emperor Slime.

Suggestion(s) 6 to 10


S6 - The defender slime had no warning before shooting out the poison projectile (other than the slight bouncing animation on the slime itself) and the colour is quite hard to spot. It would be nice if there could be a small delay and sound (like using a skill on a character) so that I could better avoid the attack, especially when facing 2 of the defender slimes ????
A6 - The ability is hard to give any delay to due to the nature of the attack. But we'll look into ways to alert the player that this attack will be used, perhaps using the similar alert system Fire Breath from the Justicar Slime utilizes. We might look into reducing the amount of times it is casted also to prevent the overwhelming amount of spam and prevent it from being less 'ridiculous'.

S7 - My biggest suggestion is to consider players who solo dungeons and are not as high leveled. Since many of the players are competitive with the dungeon, they prefer the highest levels, best stats, etc. and exclude certain players. The dungeon is a bit difficult to solo because of the limited lives available.
A7 - While we see this being a main complaint, the dungeon was made balanced to an extent to give lower level players a chance in their own rights. The dungeon was reworked to be more learned towards teams and should be treated as a baby Tower of Disappearance, while I know this might disappoint some players, they have to understand that if we made this dungeon be tailored towards the solo players then group players can easily clear this in seconds which simply ruins the purpose of the rework. But not all hope is lot, with our custom client we'll look into changing the balancing of the dungeon to that of a harder balance which completely normalizes your status to the point where even a Lv. 1 and Lv. 85 can both shine in the dungeon with outside gears having no interaction.

S8 - Make it 200 crit dmg
A8 - Now we've seen everything.

S9 - Please increase the drop rate for +16,+17 scroll. Increase the drop rate for new arquemeece refinery protection scroll
A9 - We will be honest. We didn't have to include these items there, you know. You can already obtain the Grade & Refinery Scrolls by various other methods which are much more easier than farming it in King Slime Land, we've made it low to increase the whole incentive of the dungeon and prevent people from getting too many of these items as they are quite powerful. Don't take it the wrong way, it's just we've seen what higher rates of items can do. Perhaps due to the overwhelming love of the Protection Scroll, we'll increase the rate.

S10 - just the drop rate items and accessories
A10 - S9/A9.

Suggestion(s) 11 to 15


S11 - Allowed Potions
A11 - We believe that potions and revives are what makes players less lazy to learn the game further and utilize their characters to their full potential. We removed the ability to use any Potions and Revives in here to provide a sense of danger and encourage the players to utilize the dodge system more and learn their characters further to get the best out of them.

S12 - The balancing seems really weird. I don't think it affects much because people with props still do so much more damage, and if you have props you already have high stats. Either way, someone with high TA does a lot more than ungeared people.
A12 - Very Agreed. We tried to do a hard balance which means that no matter your gears, you will be completely balanced to a specific set of status we provide you but due to the limitations imposed by the client, we had to do it in another way which causes stat scaling with your gears. We plan to change the balance with our custom client and create a hard-balance to give equal stats to both ungeared and geared people alike. It's the same as mentioned in S7/A7.

S13 - Maybe give 3 Lives to each character/player
A13 - S3/A3.

S14 - Blue Slime can spit a kind of blue poison that is quite hard to notice due to the poor animation and the flashiness of the game (a 4 people team throwing skills 24/24 makes the screen harder to read). This poison is quite hard to avoid and is spammed quite often making the Blue Slimes the most annoying room. It's boring to have to kill the small slimes after we kill the Green or Red boss, they should die after the boss is killed. They add no challenge and are quite tanky.
A14 - S6/A6. Our latest patch made it so killing the Arbiter and Justicar Slimes will kill all the Pawns.

S15 - Make a way to stop or at least made us invulnerable to the spikes and danger effects at the Arbiter King Slime stage so we don't get killed in dialogue or something like that. Currently it isn't even possible to read the dialogue after he dies 'cause of that.
A15 - We hear you! We'll add something to prevent the players from getting killed from the Spikes & Danger Effect after the Arbiter Slime dies and the dialogue begins.

Suggestion(s) 16 to 21


S16 - the drop rate of reinforce protection scroll, i really need it(lol)
A16 - S9/A9. Perhaps due to the overwhelming love of the Protection Scroll, we'll increase the rate.

S17 - so, idk if this was intended or what cause the fire breath from the justicar slime do less damage than other skill and everyone that i have been partying with seems careless about the fire breath. so if its possible make the breath do at least pretty good damage to make this dungeon more better. Thank you :D
A17 - We were not aware of it being low, we'll give it a test run and buff it accordingly, thank you for your feedback on this specific matter!

S18 - give some times for picking reward in the end of dungeon
A18 - We'll do something about it, thank you for your feedback on this specific matter!

S19 - Improve the artificial inteligence, especially for the bosses. It's a lot more worth to do the dungeon alone, cause in a team sometimes it takes a lot of time to clear it, so i think it would be great to make the dungeon easier when playing with 4 people, it would be a lot more enjoyable to play with 4 people.
A19 - It's just difficult. Whatever we do will affect the other half of the spectrum hard, though honestly it's just Grand Chase being Grand Chase with it being harder with more people, the dungeon with the right team can yield rewards more than you ever can with Solo. We know of teams that cleared it in just 2 minutes, so perhaps you can ask around and find that right comp and try it out for yourself!

S20 - mey be you can gave us all potion while play in slime dungeon, coz to hard if play alone in there
A20 - S11/A11.

S21 - I think its easier, make it a little harder.
A21 - Not everyone agrees with that. If in your opinion, it is easy then that's great! Just keep in mind there are hundreds of others who still struggle with the dungeon.


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