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GCM Anniversary Event Winners!

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Thank you all for participating in this event. Judging was hard (for a variety of reasons) but we have our winners!

Once we have these in game, they will be obtainable through a Selectable Chest.

Now for the winners! (In no particular order)

Created by Kendo24

Created by LeomRawr

Created by LiuYoshida

Created by Sariel

Created by ShiroMegami


Winners will have one sent to their account and the account of their friend through the IGN's provided in their posts. 
*We at GCM withhold the right to edit these entries as needed to fit in to the game.

Congrats to the winners, and on behalf of the entire GCM Staff, I want to thank you all again for being part of this amazing community! That past year has been amazing to watch as this community has grown and developed in to what it has! We here at GCM have big plans in the coming Months and we are so happy to have you all here for the ride!

Thank you all very much!

-FenOL, Mari, Enid and the rest of the GCM Staff

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