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Can't use pet skill.

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I often saw pet bar turn gray/disable like that for a while already but didn't know exactly why and how.
But the more i observe/play i start to think it's because of the old "changing character inside the room" fuction that you guys implented back into the game not long ago.
This is not a really big bug but it's quite annoying. I got a few re-run because of this bug already.
Using character changing screen fuction won't cause this bug, only chaning character inside game room.
This can be fixed on the players side by pre-load the characters that often use before doing anything (create a Trial Forest or whatever you like, then load game for every characters once) and DO NOT CHANGE SERVER. Those character won't bug anymore when change character inside the room, as long as player stay in the same server.
If player change server, PRE-LOAD must be done again.
Like i said. this is not a really big bug, and not an critical bug, but it's quite annoying, so fix it if possible .-.

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This can be fixed by equipping pet attacks...

Somehow, changing character while inside a room may remove pet attacks back into inventory. Just need to put it back. Well, this is what's happening to me at least.

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