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Lady Relia

Naamah Instaturn Explosion

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Naamah in Sanctum of Destruction has an attack that summons a swirling vortex in front of her which deals constant damage for a small period of time before it explodes.

Normally such lengthy attacks are the perfect oppertunities for getting in a few safe back-attacks and generating some extra mp to kill things faster with.

However, Naamah has a bug with this attack where she turns around right before the end of the attack's animation, causing the explosion to appear on the opposite side of what players might expect.

If this is not an actual bug, and instead an intended feature, please give her some animation to display that she is going to cause the explosion on the other side. Right now, she just looks to one side in one frame, and then the very next frame she has turned to the other side, and the explosion has already connected, which is a very jarring experience.

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Good day @Lady Relia!

That really looks unfair, we will take an look on it soon, thanks for the report ^_^

EDIT: Seens that you posted it at Suggestions & Feedback too, don't worry, it's already deleted, and is an suggestion too, soo you wasn't that wrong after all ;)

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This is the same EXACT bug the Gardosen in Tower of Disappearance has. For some bizarre reason, the game does not lock them in the direction they're casting their animation and makes them face the opposite direction while casting an ability.

I'm looking into a fix for this.

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