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      (Manual Patch) Madness Manual Patches   09/21/18

      You may find all the available manual patches since the November 20th maintenance below: Please start with Manual Patch #1 and go down in order to fully patch your client. You do not need Manual Patch #1 if you installed the first time.
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      (Notes) [01/19/2019] Maintenance - Patch Notes (ENGLISH)   09/21/18

      The patch notes for the maintenance today has been released! With this patch, we rotate some event content and fix some minor bugs! You may read up on them here:  

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Found 10 results

  1. I already bought 4 characters for my Playhouse. but when i want to place all of my characters (4 characters : lass, zero, azin, uno), maximum place only 2. and the notif is "You're about to exceed the number of times your character can be placed" (you can see it in my attachment) is that a bug? or maximum character can only 2 for playhouse? it's kinda sad if only 2 characters. GrandChase20181213_002327.BMP
  2. How do i get an Emoticon?

    I already leveling from level 1 to level 80. But i dont have any single emoticon in my character. Can you guys tell me how do i get emoticons in my collection tab?
  3. Elesis Stat

    Hello Does my Elesis stat ok ? Not complete true iron dragon set yet
  4. Hello, so have a few question. 1 ) it said that when the machination of the eclipse crest ( bottom right corner ) appear + the machinations bar is full its guaranteed dark acolypse will appear ( I played on champion mode ) , but sometimes , dark acolypse not appear ? reminder , before that run and after that run , the dark acolypse appear . that run = no dark acolypse appear 2) what is the reason to reduce dark acolypse appear from 2 to 1 ? i know the events will be long ( maybe more than a month ) . Thanks
  5. Mission

    Hello So how to complete this mission ? I need to score certain point so I get the water ball? Thank You
  6. Hello So I run angry boss hell difficulty . One of the active event reward is an hourglass . But after finishing/failed the stage , there are no hourglass in my inventory . Is the hourglass only a buff or I suppose to receive real hourglass?
  7. Timed Quest Reward

    Hello I have received timed quest reward on my mailbox today. May I know what occasion did I deserve these reward? Thank you
  8. New Event

    Hello, As stated in title , when new event will be launch? There also no regular maintenance thing going down. Is this game dead? Thank you
  9. I don't know if this is considered as a bug but... Am i the only one keeps on re-equipping recovery items and emoticons every time I log on the game? is there a way to keep those recovery items stay still even after i exit the game? and also is it possible to fix the in game mission text? its so small to be read (specially to us who are poor sighted) and almost all the text are being compressed in left.? .. .. I guess you guys will find my suggestion weird but... this text on the middle. is ...
  10. Character Suggestions?

    -- I want to try other charas. that are good at solo-ing dungeons (or if not, can dish out a decent amount of dmg to mobs/good waveclear)... Any suggestions? The only character I play as of now is Lime.. Welp... thanks in advance