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      You may find all the available manual patches since the November 20th maintenance below: Please start with Manual Patch #1 and go down in order to fully patch your client. You do not need Manual Patch #1 if you installed the first time.
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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to eventually be able to create another copy of a character I already own. This is so I can have different paths for the same character without having to go to another account.
  2. Dusk Bringer special : Destruction

    Weapon Force's special active 'Destruction' behave differently from what I remember. Here the few first hit has close to zero range and only last hit has wider range, and it doesn't do much damage. I hope i didn't ask what other's had asked cause dio's pretty popular, used search and got no hit. Oot : Did using active after special active is no longer possible? We used to skip the frame freeze of some skill (ex: chaotic spark) with blink so it would have instant hit.
  3. I know there are many bugs with the characters that you peeps are working on; but here is one if you missed it: When one levels up, the skill points (SP) they receive are counted as "used skill points" and are not available for one to use and allocate to the desired skills. I've encountered this on Ley and Dio so far; for example, my Ley at lv 70 had 140 SP (I've used all), I then leveled to 72 and the 4 SP I got was added to the 140 "used SP" making it 144 when I didn't even had a chance to use them. I then leveled to 85 and the 20 SP I got from lv 70 to lv 80 was added to the 140 used SP making it 160; and again I didn't use any. This isn't very encouraging to level up however, I'm currently leveling Ronan and this does not happen to him. In the image below you'll see that I was at lv 72 and the "+ sign" is highlighted, signifying that SP can be used there. However, the 4 SP is added to total SP (used SP). In the following image I'm at level 85 and its still the same way and if you try to learn a skill it says "you are in excess of the number of skills you can learn from this job (I have all 4 jobs). Please delete some and try again. If you need more images/info. I can post more either on Ley or Dio. I'm not sure what other characters are affected by this or if I'm the only one; for someone told me they had the same problem (on their Dio) and it resolved itself once they leveled up a few more times. Since my Ley is at level 85, a SP reset all card might do the trick; but I don't have any to use atm to see if it would work. However, if one is leveling characters such as Dio, Rufus, Zero, etc. they would need to have their SP available to use as they level up so they can move forward; as such, my Dio is still at lv 62.