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      You may find all the available manual patches since the November 20th maintenance below: Please start with Manual Patch #1 and go down in order to fully patch your client. You do not need Manual Patch #1 if you installed the first time.
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      (Notes) [01/19/2019] Maintenance - Patch Notes (ENGLISH)   09/21/18

      The patch notes for the maintenance today has been released! With this patch, we rotate some event content and fix some minor bugs! You may read up on them here:  


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  1. Hello, Chasers! It's that time of the month again for a maintenance patch in order to rotate current events and keep things fresh! This month will be a bit less exciting compared to the previous months as we prepare the server for upcoming custom content. You can find the manual patch for this maintenance here (January 19th, 2019): Activated Events Nightmare Circus (Event Dungeon) (More information below) Talin's Revenge (Event Dungeon) (More information below) Soccer Attack (Mini Game) Rock Paper Scissors (Mini Game) Disabled Events Angry Boss (Event Dungeon) King Slime Land (Event Dungeon) Rita's Christmas Party (Mini Game) Christmas Stockings (Mini Game) Lime the Queen of Errands (Mini Game) Changes The AP regenerated from AP Pets has been adjusted to be on par/superior to Purple Glyphs. (More information below) The AP regenerated from Purple Glyphs has been adjusted to be on par/weaker than AP Pets. (More information below) Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where players would randomly crash in Talin's Revenge if Player (2) used a bomb. Fixed a bug where several players were unable to claim the final tier reward in the Christmas Gift Shop mini game. Fixed a bug where the rebalance of Amy's Dancer (1st) and Starlet (4th) jobs were accidentally reverted. Coordi Rotation Until February 4th, 2019 Did you hear yet? The circus is in town! But it's not just any circus, it's the Nightmare Circus and it has returned to Aernas to both entertain and cause nightmares to all its inhabitants! It is known that a certain thief claims to have a connection with the circus. What horrors and thrills will you discover as you explore the Circus of Nightmares!? Upon logging in, check your to find the event mission: Shackles of the Past which will be this month's event mission. You can view the mission details below: Upon killing an enemy in Nightmare Circus (Normal) you have a chance to obtain the following drop(s): Upon clearing Nightmare Circus (Normal) you have a chance to obtain the following reward(s): This event dungeon has an exclusive armor set you can craft in the in exchange for Circus Trunk of Armor/Accessories Coupons. Nightmare Circus Armor Set You are able to upgrade your armor set's grade (Rare => Epic => Relic) and level (30 => 50 => 70) in the in exchange for materials which will be available in the Armor | Weapon tabs. Until February 4th, 2019 After the defeat of Ashtaroth by the hands of the Grand Chase in the ruins of the ancient city of Kounat, the Queen of Serdin sent a distress call to the Grand Chase urgently requesting them to return to Bermesiah. The Grand Chase discovered and decided to use the Kounat Aircrafts, the Valkyries in order to travel back to Bermesiah. But trouble was brewing up as the Grand Chase's biggest fan, Talin Elfbane, returned to get his revenge from their prior interactions. Soar through the skies on the Valkyries and put Talin Elfbane's pursuit for revenge down once and for all! This event dungeon is based on the Shoot 'Em Up sub-genre of the shooter genre of video games. The dungeon plays out extremely differently from the rest of the game and is the only dungeon unique to its category. If you are unfamiliar with Talin's Revenge then I highly suggest taking a look at the Talin's Revenge page on the GrandChase wikia for more information and guides, tips, and tricks regarding the dungeon. Below you will find some linked video clips of the dungeon being played by other players: Talin's Revenge only allows up to two (2) players to be in the same game simultaneously. Upon clearing Talin's Revenge (Normal) you have a chance to obtain the following reward(s): You are guaranteed one of the items above upon opening an Elfbane's Prized Chest. This event dungeon has an exclusive coordi set you can craft in the in exchange for TYPE-1s, TYPE-6s, and Dungeon Festival Coins. Cyber Knight Coordi Set Alternatively, you can buy the Cyber Knight Coordi Package in the K-Ching Shop for 650 (850 for those who utilize 4 weapons) VP. You are also able to purchase the parts separately in the Coordi Shop with the exception of the weapon for 100 VP per piece. Until February 4th, 2019 The mini game, Soccer Attack, is back and Thommo is preparing to showcase his skills in the playing field! Will he finally come out on top and get the recognition he so very much deserves or fail and go back to training boot camp and start from square one? What happens to Thommo will be on your hands! Explanation of Soccer Attack: Below is a preview of some of the rewards obtainable from playing Soccer Attack: You can view the rewards list through the mini game window. Until February 4th, 2019 The mini game, Rock Paper Scissors Fun!, is back and a couple of bosses are eager to compete with Aernas' inhabitants in a competition of Rock Paper Scissors to decide who will be the champions of the game! Bring all of your lucky apparel to the competition and try your luck in a(n) RNG.. fun-filled game of Rock Paper Scissors with your not so much enemies! Who will gain bragging rights this time around? Aernas' inhabitants or the big baddies!? Good luck to all participants! Explanation of Rock Paper Scissors Fun!: Below is a preview of some of the rewards obtainable from playing Rock Paper Scissors Fun!: You can view the rewards list through the mini game window. Also impacts AP Pets We have tuned the AP Regeneration provided by Purple Glyphs and AP Pets in an effort to achieve a perfect balance between the two while still keeping AP Pets superior to their glyph counterparts. This should motivate players to focus on obtaining the AP Pets for that extra little juice. Below you will find the new AP Regeneration amount given by Glyphs and Pets respectively: Event AP Pet(s): Bakunawa, Blitz King, Princeon, and Berkas Jr. Gacha AP Pet(s): Sellion, Rexion, and Devilion (Exact AP Regen may differ compared to what is shown on the table) This table is submit to changes in the future but we don't expect it to change much at all. We hope you find the tweaked values to be an overall improvement compared to what it used to be! The following set(s) will be available for purchase in-game: Chronos Watch (Available in the K-Ching Shop for 550 VP and in the Coordi Shop for 100 VP per piece and in the Hero Shop for 300 Hero's Bullions) Karapis (Available in the K-Ching Shop for 550 VP and in the Hero Shop for 350 Hero's Bullions) Cyber Knight (Available in the K-Ching Shop for 550 VP (850 for those who utilize 4 weapons)) Wings Rotation (Cyber / Fallen Angel / Wings of Destruction (Blue) (Available in the K-Ching Shop for 250 VP and in the Hero Shop for 100 Hero's Bullions) You can view the disabled coordi(s) in the Quick Patch Summary -> Coordi Rotation section Fixed a bug where players would randomly crash in Talin's Revenge if Player (2) used a bomb. o It is possible more methods that can crash the player still lurks, please inform us of any crashes that occurs in Talin's Revenge and how to reproduce it for a quicker fix. Fixed a bug where several players were unable to claim the final tier reward in the Christmas Gift Shop mini game. o If you are still unable to claim the final tier reward, please create a thread informing us of it so we can take another look at the mini game. Fixed a bug where the rebalance of Amy's Dancer (1st) and Starlet (4th) jobs were accidentally reverted. o It is possible that not all of her rebalance was re-implemented. If you notice anything on the spreadsheet missing in-game, then please create a thread informing us about it. Seal Breaker Gacha (Armor) Ace of Spades (Chester) is now LIVE! (MP PET) Super Sleuth (Sleuthhound) is now LIVE! (MP PET) Seal Breaker Gacha (Coordi) Ebon Inferno (Sellion) is now LIVE! (AP PET) Raven Soul (Raven) is now LIVE! (MP PET) Ordo Squad (Ordo Squad) is now LIVE! (MP PET) Mad Tea Party (Rui) is now LIVE! (MP PET) Liones (Aslan) is now LIVE! (MP PET) Angry Boss (Event Dungeon) | Forge Items remain for an extra week to allow players to use their event items. King Slime Land (Event Dungeon) | Forge Items remain for an extra week to allow players to use their event items. Rita's Christmas Party (Mini Game) Christmas Stockings (Mini Game) Lime the Queen of Errands (Mini Game) Awakening Weapons (General Event) [1+1] Seal Breaker Scroll (30) (General Event) All Hallows' Eve Necklace (Halloween Event) Rainbow 7 (General Event)
  2. Repeat character creation

    Unfortunately, this simply cannot happen. It would require an overwhelming amount of effort to execute and might not even be possible. The closest you'll see to this would be relogging onto another account which is a bit easier now with the log-out button.
  3. Gacha Coordi Weapons

    Soon, I'm researching several ways to make this possible. Either by allowing the Gacha Claim to give you all 4 Weapons off the bat or some sort of box you can create that does exactly this (would be a bit frustrating to execute, though). If anyone has ideas in how to go in doing this (Giving all gacha weapons in one go, while taking into consideration those who have the gacha weapon already) then I'd love to hear it!
  4. grand chase madness mobile? apk client?

    Unfortunately, it's not possible. Fantastic idea though, it's just GC is way too big and the code is too complex for it. I mean, it might be possible but it would be better to just remake GC at that point.
  5. Decent idea, I'll definitely consider it for the future. I was not aware that such a good card was locked to a character-exclusive dungeon which is definitely a bit of a pain. With the Custom Client, you can access the continent with any character as long as you switch characters but it doesn't remove the fact that you require Edel.
  6. Weird Buff Delays

    It's a bit ironic because the way the buff on Dark Assassin is sort of applied in the same way Dio's Black Space Shield (for example) is applied. Though, the main difference here is that Dark Assassin's 1st Bar isn't done via. the script, rather it's something hard-coded which might make the difference. I'll take a look to see if we can make some buffs be that way, but I can't promise all of them will make it.
  7. Playhouse Maximum Character Place

    It's the maximum, which is kind of sad. We can definitely increase it in the future, so we might as well increase it. It's necessary for a true party.
  8. How do i get an Emoticon?

    I plan to implement the emojis into dungeons very soon, so that should help out people such as yourself get the emojis without being forced to PvP.
  9. Rufus Combo Selection

    Interesting idea. Can you possibly provide a couple of scenarios where this would be useful and explain it further? One of my biggest peeves with Rufus is when I want to shoot down-wards on platforms but it always decides to do the other combo, it seems random (either that or I'm just dumb).
  10. +17 effect

    I'll be working on implementing +17 effects when using an IS (4th skill) for a future patch, so I'll approve this idea since it's quite neat. Further usage for the effects are gladly accepted.
  11. windows 10 v.1809

    I'm currently on v1809 and no d3d9.dll works in my case, unfortunately. I'm also searching for a functioning d3d9, if I find one, I'll put it up on the google drive and general guide.
  12. Bug Change Nickname

    Yeah, woops. It appears the Nick Name Change Card was stacking and using it consumed all versions of the card. PM me with your IGN + Character so I can send (1) back.
  13. Did you ever get your tokens back? Cases like these it is best you contact Kouyz or I with your IGN/Character so we can take a look at what happened.
  14. Rita's christmas party

    Unfortunately, this is normal. The Mini Game has always had this ridiculous freeze.
  15. Naamah Instaturn Explosion

    This is the same EXACT bug the Gardosen in Tower of Disappearance has. For some bizarre reason, the game does not lock them in the direction they're casting their animation and makes them face the opposite direction while casting an ability. I'm looking into a fix for this.
  16. Reward 7th gift shop error

    We're aware, it should be fixed next patch. The Gift Shop will last an extra week, so you can claim with peace of mind.
  17. Amy skills not changed

    I'm aware of all these! I'll get to working on a fix. Much obliged for the report!
  18. Can't use pet skill.

    We're aware and plan to solve it soon. Sorry about that!
  19. My Key Bindings Cannot Be Changed

    How about if you delete KeySetting + KeySettingVer2.dat and JoyStickSetting + JoystickSettingVer2.dat and try again? We've noticed issues with the keybindings saving and plan to look into it in the future.
  20. hello my name is brainzshake

    As of right now, I think it's a bit impossible as we're just a small team and porting "this" GC to mobile would cause a lot of problems, both legally and a lot of unknown issues that'll arise. You can always mirror your PC Screen to Mobile and just play like that, however.
  21. Missing Dungeons

    This tends to happen a lot if you jump a character that isn't your first, is this what you did?
  22. Here at Grand Chase Madness, we wish you all a happy new years! We've decided to throw a celebratory event to usher in the new year! Gather up your friends (optional) and record a video wishing a happy new years to everyone and a joyful welcome to 2019! Perhaps take a walk through memory lane and/or express your joy for 2018 and how hopeful you are for 2019! Be creative and be yourself and most important of all, have fun! You can only have up to a maximum of four (4) people in your video submission. More are welcomed, but only four will receive the reward. The video has to be between 00:30 second(s) to 5:00 minute(s). Any recording that exceeds 5:00 minutes will be voided. Only three (3) teams can win. You can access the following form to submit your video: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PZD8-xv3sc7PwADKGXQhhMIPbyEAWW88qoPW9l0qpfA/ January 11th, 2019
  23. Hello Chasers! We have updated the donation table that Grand Chase Madness utilizes in an effort to allow players to get more out of their money and help us better price the items available in the shop. Below, you will see the newly updated table that shows the difference between the amount of cash you receive now compared to before this change: You can log-in at http://www.gcmadness.com/ then click on the following URL to access the donation page: http://www.gcmadness.com/donate. As the table has been updated, a couple of select items will receive a rise in price in the K-Ching Shop. You will know which item have received the price change in the patch notes for the upcoming maintenance. Items excluded from this rise include Seal Breaker Scrolls and Character Slot Ticket. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. This new table is submit to changes in the coming weeks but is expected to remain as is.
  24. Return of Talin

    It's coming back! We're looking into the crash and adding a TR exclusive set into the mix! It won't be custom though, just some existing set.
  25. Question Steam

    It's not possible as GrandChase Madness is a private server and does not hold any official right and/or licensing to the game and for more legal reasons. Attempting to do so would just backfire so hard, unfortunately.