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      (Manual Patch) Madness Manual Patches   09/21/18

      You may find all the available manual patches since the November 20th maintenance below: Please start with Manual Patch #1 and go down in order to fully patch your client. You do not need Manual Patch #1 if you installed the first time.
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      (Notes) [01/19/2019] Maintenance - Patch Notes (ENGLISH)   09/21/18

      The patch notes for the maintenance today has been released! With this patch, we rotate some event content and fix some minor bugs! You may read up on them here:  

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  1. [Ended]Date A GM - Poetry

    This Poem is for: [GM] Rivia Time Zone:GMT+7 (12:47 AM) Usename: spider022 IGN: DragonRx "Love is ... " Love is like sea water that fills a portion of the earth's contents Give a lot of life Make other people curious And everyone must experience love Love is sincerity Love is Will Love is mutual understanding Love is beautiful if we can put it in the best place in the heart Make love so beautiful in your heart Because love can be as beautiful as you want I love you [GM] Rivia In all your less and more In my door, [GM] Rivia name is tucked away, which I always miss I Love you so much [GM] Rivia