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      (Manual Patch) Madness Manual Patches   09/21/18

      You may find all the available manual patches since the November 20th maintenance below: Please start with Manual Patch #1 and go down in order to fully patch your client. You do not need Manual Patch #1 if you installed the first time.
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      (Notes) [01/19/2019] Maintenance - Patch Notes (ENGLISH)   09/21/18

      The patch notes for the maintenance today has been released! With this patch, we rotate some event content and fix some minor bugs! You may read up on them here:  


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  1. Launcher Has Stopped Working

    OOOh, i just uninstall my microsoft net. framework 4.7.2. and after that i install microsoft .net framework 4 client profile. and the game is fixed, the launcher is now downloading. but at least thanks for the advice.
  2. Launcher Has Stopped Working

    launcher is still not working
  3. Launcher Has Stopped Working

    Microsoft .NET Framework pop up, and says "unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. if you click Quit. The application will close immediately" and a lot of details. so i attempt to continue wrongcheckerfile.exe and it says "bdcap32.dll is the wrong files.
  4. Launcher Has Stopped Working

    Microsoft .NET framework 4.7.2 has already installed
  5. Launcher Has Stopped Working

    my windows defender already has turned off
  6. Launcher Has Stopped Working

    So, i'm new to this game.. i just download the game from google drive. i already turn off my antivirus. and put the game folder to an exception just in case. but everytime i open the launcher. it always says "The Launcher has stopped working". i try to open the updater exe but it does the same thing. i had no idea what to do. so i uninstall the game. i download it again from mediafire, install it again but it still not working.sorry for my bad english and i'm new to this game.