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  1. Amy skills not changed

    I have done a number of tests after this month's update. Here's the result: Photo Shot (Dancer) Don't have any effect Conclusion : bugged Dance Fever Lv3 (Dancer) Self damage buff still 10% Team sometimes receive 2 damage buffs 1st buff have 23% damage buff (always received) 2nd buff have 5% damage buff (sometimes received) Don't know if this is intentional Conclusion : need clarification Sacred Dance Lv2 (Dancer) S The buff duration is 45 seconds Conclusion : fixed Rhapsody (Muse) Don't have HP recovery buff Conclusion : bugged Elegant Flow (Starlet) The first debuff isn't def debuff I have done damage test too to see if this just visual bug. But no, the damage is only increased after the 3rd hit. Conclusion : still bugged The damage test is not easy to do. But some skills should have high damage in the first hit. Therefore I am sure that this skills have a right damage Reverse Turn (Dancer) Sweeping Crush (Muse) Fly High (Siren) Triple Counter (Starlet)
  2. Hello Chasers, I am Rio, old Grand Chase player from Indonesia. I have experience in this game for 2 years before being closed in my country. So sad. I decided to go back to this old game because I love this game, I believe some of you too. But enough with little introduction, let's go to the topic. I am sure many you guys know that Arme can change her skill set in the middle of her skill animation, while Amy doesn't. Before Eternal's update, Amy can do this too. I don't know why KOG changed this, maybe for PvP balance, but I think Amy need this back for dungeon. This limitation becomes an obstacle for her. Amy needs the right time to help her team. This made her vulnerable because she had to change mode to give buffs or revive her teammates. If even a single enemy attack slip in, it can ruin it all. While Lime, her competitor can cast many kinds of aura and just go with her teammate and spamming her skills. Not to mention she also have Redemption and Glory to revive her allies. In overall, Lime is a more flexible and safer support. So I think removing this limitation will allow to make Amy more flexible or at least a safer support to play.
  3. Amy skills not changed

    Just discovered another bugs. Photo Shot, the skill from Amy's 1st job doesn't have any effect in the dungeon. As long as I remember, that skill should stop the enemy's movements. And also Arme can change her skill set in the middle of her skill animation, while Amy doesn't. Is this a bug or something?
  4. Amy skills not changed

    So I discovered bug on Amy. Now don't get me wrong. I know I am new, here but I have played Grand Chase before it was closed for 2 years and I appreciate developers who want to balance characters. I've also seen all madness patches. Also, as you can see, my main character is Amy. So base on GCMCharacterBalanceDungeon spreadsheet, Dance Fever Lv3 should increase your attack by 25%. But in reality it increase your attack by 10%. As you can see, by doing simple mat, you know her damage is increased by 10%. I even test this with my friend and the result is same. But it's not just Dance Fever Lv3, some of her skills also don't change. For example Sacred Dance Lv 2. The buff duration should be 45s, but in reality the buff duration is 20s. Rhapsody skill from 2nd Job don't give you +100% HP recovery boost (already tested it, but forgot to screenshot) and I doubt the damage change of others skill has also been applied too. So maybe the developers need to check it all again. That's all my reports, thank you for your attention.