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  1. UI improvements

    In Grand Chase there are a lot of visual elements in the UI which are either represented inconsistently or confusingly. This post aims to address these issues and provide possible solutions. /////// Number Fonts /////// Right now, there are at least 5 different fonts used to represent numbers throughout the game. The first is the generic and completely white text which is used for showing currency, player health in dungeons, inventory space, and other miscellaneous values. The second is the font used for representing item quantity. The third, fourth, and 5th fonts represent bonus lives, reinforcement stone levels, and necklace levels. I suggest that numbers follow a standard font to increase consistency of the user experience. Furthermore, I also recommend the second font presented above to become the standard font for numbers, as it looks fancy without being too distracting. /////// Health Representation /////// While in dungeons, health is represented by a long red bar with numbers inside representing the current/max hp values. While this representation is functional, I would like to suggest the implementation of a few customization options, which are as follows: Have the values be displayed to the right of the health bar Have the values display the remaining percentage of health left rather than the absolute amount Hide the health bar and only display the values Hide the values and only display the healthbar. These options would allow the player to adjust the health representation in a way which fits their preference. /////// Skill Inputs /////// The skill bar which shows the skills a player can activate currently only displays activation inputs based on the default control scheme. That is to say, the skills will show a skill can be activated by pressing a, s, d, f, or g, even if the player uses a custom control scheme. I suggest changing them to at least be able to represent the letters of a-z and the number 0-9 as valid inputs.
  2. Naamah Instaturn Explosion

    Naamah in Sanctum of Destruction has an attack that summons a swirling vortex in front of her which deals constant damage for a small period of time before it explodes. Normally such lengthy attacks are the perfect oppertunities for getting in a few safe back-attacks and generating some extra mp to kill things faster with. However, Naamah has a bug with this attack where she turns around right before the end of the attack's animation, causing the explosion to appear on the opposite side of what players might expect. If this is not an actual bug, and instead an intended feature, please give her some animation to display that she is going to cause the explosion on the other side. Right now, she just looks to one side in one frame, and then the very next frame she has turned to the other side, and the explosion has already connected, which is a very jarring experience.