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  1. Event Dungeons

    Seeing as the event (this current one) only lasts till 4th of Feb, I doubt that is a LONG time for every player to finish the event mission itself since I THINK most got stuck in that mini devotee ticket [10] which is why I am hoping at least the GCM GM's would extend the event far more longer (given how some players also do have life outside GCM and some even go to school and work) Just bought those soccer balls in the kching shop and they won't register into the mini-games? it keeps saying I have zero.
  2. obviously what the title says. I know you can get it from the mini games, the soccer one and the rock, paper and scissors but it'll be a hard time getting all ten since it is random to get the devotee tickets from both mini games. I just wonder if there would be other ways to get them? p.s. I used to have 6 devotee tickets but they magically disappeared?
  3. is the playhouse broken again?

    title says it all. at the moment i've been trying to get into the playhouse and it wouldn't let me get in.
  4. Bugs (?)

    @Enid there are times where you can't go pass the loading screen when doing dungeons and you are forced to quit. that's the other glitch/issue i've encountered
  5. Bugs (?)

    not really a bug and a bug at the same time but the client has closed on me twice today and I wasn't sure what's happening? Also another thing is that the delay of the entire game itself is . . . let's say irritating to a point where you'd rather just want to play solo even though you will solo on a dungeon that would take you 3784327847328 years to clear. and this is a bug on me and now sure if anyone has it but I still got the coin from Spinx and mari's orb thing for her game; whenever I end a hero dungeon I sometimes get them (especially the spinx one)
  6. hi and thank you. since our timezones doesn't match, I feel like we could meet half way, and I am always free on what time I do the wizard's labyrinth
  7. I wasn't sure where to tag this in the forum but as the title says. I kinda need help since I am already at the last stage of that dungeon though I tried doing it solo but I didn't even got the health bar to 100. And I wasted a lot of potions and bonus. So if anyone wants to help me, please pm in game or on here. IGN: Yaouri
  8. Well; since I've seen this game on youtube. (though there wasn't any like enough gameplay) I thought i'd try this game. So yes Hi, I do miss the game and glad some people did make/made this GCM. Also. I know this shouldn't discussed here but the only thing I kinda have concern for is the lagging whenever I go play with other people (not everyone rather some) and also the thing where you need to go to the house and plant stuff? Yeah that's also a bug. ALSO another thing. PLEASE don't change events yet(?) since I am 40/60 runs clearing that moonlight village (I've been trying to get the crest from that since the stats are nice and all that) So yeah, but anyways nice game.