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  1. new dungeon

    tat sound more like wat a game would do when they ran out of ideas add a new mode to old dungeons which makes the enemies stronger, BAM "new content" if u wan upgraded trial forest, theres king slime land, which literally uses the map for trial forest.
  2. Ronan C up not working

    no problem
  3. Ronan C up not working

    works fine here, tested in practice mode and in dungeon u need to be attacking, like press C^ in the middle of normal combo (also if 1st job, u need the skill equipped)
  4. Ronan C up not working

    u need to be attacking first so it's kinda like ZC^ instead
  5. Crystals

    u'll need to have edel or veigas to access frost or trivia sadly, but if u have them u can just use change char to get other chars into the dungeon
  6. Crystals

    if u have edel or veigas, u can farm from their continent for crystals, gives like 12 crystal in the last dungeons on expert i think and u can change to another char while inside room so u don necessarily need to be using edel or veigas to do it also, iirc crystals only drops from bosses in normal dungeons i donno abt DD tho, i don do DD much
  7. SP Reset Card Bug

    theres no bug there, tat's how dio is.. he can only use 120sp maximum. his max usable sp limit starts from 30sp at 1st job, increasing by 30 per job change, giving him a max usable limit of 120sp at 4th job. (blame kog for giving him 130sp for no reason)
  8. New English Player

    u'll need to change server or re-login to see the increase also, u can get 1 char slot free per event rotation from either event mission or minigame, event rotations r normally once per month
  9. New English Player

    new accounts start with 3500vp, u can get 60vp everyday by checking attendance, and pvp events give vp for participating (doesnt matter win or lose)
  10. changing char works too for some reason
  11. monster train armor

    they're only available in forge when monster train 301 is active, +1 week after the event ends all event limited forge are the same
  12. enchanted trees

    they've reset all playhouse trees to lv1 to fix some stuff. once they've fixed the bugs, they'll consider compensating all existing accounts with instant tree lvl increase. (also consider joining the GCM discord cus they post announcements there)
  13. Ronan Rune Bar Bug

    ya need to be attacking first so it's like ZC↑ instead also for aegis knight, ZC↑ is the sword, and C↓ is the shield (shield doesnt need to be attacking) (u can press more Z if u like, just tat u need to be attacking to activate the erudon weaps)
  14. old days items

    kaze's healing ball was released b4, but as a pure coordi instead
  15. Gacha Coordi Weapons

    the box doesnt have all the SB weaps for some chars (eg. veigas) they'll add in the missing ones eventually