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  1. Minigame devotee ticket

    it hard to get, the rate is SUCK! but it's not impossible .-. my LUCKY friend already done "10 tickets" quest yesterday ._. . If you're talking about the rate then here is my personal experience in the last few days: 350 turn of RPS i only got 2 ... So i was AFK quite often the game to get more turn of RPS. ( i think my lucky friend got 1 ticket per 50 turn or 100 ==' didn't see him afk much like me) You can only get the ticket in the boss number 3 and 5 so make sure to use "Do Again" when you lose (if you despressed for ticket) .-. . Since I'm a Java/Android/Mobile Programmer/Dev so i don't turn off my computer much unless i go to sleep or go to work so i afk quite a lot and got quite an amount of RPS turns. So i don't mind much about rate is SUCK (or my luck). They didn't limit the number of turn you can get each days unlike "Dice! Dice! Baby" ._. you should do some "afk stuff" and pray for luck if you need ticket ._. . Beside you can get some (like 2 or more) ticket in the football minigame ._.
  2. windows 10 v.1809

    Try this ._. Im also using Win 10 Pro, 64 bit ._. I took this file from the "generals guide" topic and it's still working for me .-. But the first thing i want to point out is i think you DID something wrong ._. I also met with the same error you mentioned above when i first tried ._. But after i read everything more carefully and do it slowly + carefully .-. it work now ._. The second thing is IF you do it correctly but window will try to replace it (the old d3d9) with the newer once through update. I have to replaced it 3 times before window gave up on updating it. d3d9.dll
  3. Can't use pet skill.

    Hmm... you're right .-. changing character when inside a room remove our pet attack .-.
  4. Can't use pet skill.

    I often saw pet bar turn gray/disable like that for a while already but didn't know exactly why and how. . But the more i observe/play i start to think it's because of the old "changing character inside the room" fuction that you guys implented back into the game not long ago. This is not a really big bug but it's quite annoying. I got a few re-run because of this bug already. Using character changing screen fuction won't cause this bug, only chaning character inside game room. . This can be fixed on the players side by pre-load the characters that often use before doing anything (create a Trial Forest or whatever you like, then load game for every characters once) and DO NOT CHANGE SERVER. Those character won't bug anymore when change character inside the room, as long as player stay in the same server. If player change server, PRE-LOAD must be done again. . Like i said. this is not a really big bug, and not an critical bug, but it's quite annoying, so fix it if possible .-.
  5. Mini game bug

    Few days ago, when i finished all task, I didn't receive any reward from "Lime the queen of errands" mini game. After finished both 9 taskes, the reward window didn't pop up and "Get rewards" icon was unable for clicking. (It's not happen always every run but quite often). . Today this happened. Finished but no reward ._. The main sources of Devotee Tickets i can rely on is Z Virus mission now =='
  6. +17 effect

    I think you guys should let them have some times ._. They just put up Custom Client and bugs are in every possible corner ._. There are like 4 or 5 small maintaince to fix small bug after Custom Client goes into working and i think that's not over yet ._. . In my own opinion, +17 effect is fine as it is now .-. But effect appear when using skill, just not by taunting is quite a cool looking scene but let put it aside FOR NOW. . Ermm... why don't you try Blue/Black/Red Dragon Necklace .... they do put up quite a raging dragon aura when you use skill in my opinion.
  7. is the playhouse broken again?

    Sadly, yes ... it broke AGAIN. Staff team said that Playhouse is very unstable ._. It already unstable since the official release.
  8. Refinery Scrolls

    The MOST important thing i want to know is: You want to add this to the forge system ? Not replace the current transmulate system ?
  9. Wow ._. 40 runs and you got 2 +16 scroll .-. You are A+ LUCK or something like that, aren't you ? .-. Whenever i had free times, i played Train 301 like a mad man but still nothing until now... I grind Train like no tomorrow whenever i can to get Orb for Devotee Tickets and +16/17 Scroll. I even made "Free Run" room in HELL MODE to do good stuff for people who can't solo to buff up some of my LUCK but still no hope .-. Mari's Lab gave me everything (mostly Toilet Head) but those Tickets. I played so much that i'm having a headache. Give me some of your luck, man... I'm so frustrated right now !
  10. Lire's current state

    It happened to me few times already ._. When the enemy spread out across the map, Dive Bombing will time out. Slow the projectile even more can only cause those to happen more often so buff the damage is more idea than slow the projectile. It does happen, but not very often. That is what i trying to say. Every character has their own unique. Mari Tempest doesn't have massive explosion dmg when they touch the ground while Lire does. So if you want her mid air arrow to hit more damage then must be very careful about this so it doesn't like Mari Tempest even through there are a massive distance for Chakra to reach Tempest mid air damage. It doesn't need to get crit + back attack to get decent dmg. I tried to say that if you want decent dmg with it, you have to look at the enemy size and adjust your position to get max out put. Normally i still use it but only for iframe and evading while other options are not available or one hit weak mobs/boss with the adjustment i said above. it's already good enough in a decent player hands. So i gave out 2 ideas, first one is to make it more friendly/stronger to everyone while still normal for experienced Lire players.
  11. Lire's current state

    First of all, Lire basic attack need some more puch force ==' kinda weak .-. . I didn't use much 1st job so there is nothing i can give you .-. There is a small/tiny moment for this skill. Normally when you use it when press arrow key immediately, nothing will happen, no skill freeze, no iframe. It's very small, like 0.5 sec ond or so. I happened lot to me before. Use the skill and wait like 0.5s or so then use up/down arrow key ._. This skill dependent on your distance between you and target. Get close enough and Beat Rush, you will get "Back Attack" which increase your damage. The distance to get "Back Attack" also dependent on the target size. If that hit crit, you will get quite decent damage. This skill alike to Edel's Assault Pierce but Edel Assault Pierce get "Back Attack" pretty easily. So the idea i can give is delay the damage so Lire can rush behind the target then damage goes after that so Lire can get "Back Attack" effect. Make it friendly to everyone and more reason to use. If you buff this skill damage, personally, i can adjust the distance pretty accurate myself to get "Back Attack" effect so the dmg is even higher for me. Apply this if you want to separate highly experienced Lire players from others. Dive Bombing will disappear after short time you shot it. Dive Bombing have another use is to clear the enemy on a straight line. Slow the projectile speed does increase the damage but the Arrow won't go very far. If you want to buff this skill, buff the damage, DO NOT reduce the speed even more than this. I feel like this skill is strong enough but not compare to many other class, so a small damage buff isn't bad idea (Yep =]] That's small ) The damage when arrows touch the ground then explode is good enough to me. But just like what you said, the damage when enemy hit it in mid air is kinda pathetic. Buff the mid air arrow can make this skill become more like "map-clearing" skill. But the problem is mid air arrow can hit multi hit so if buff it too much can make it too OP to MASSIVE target like Berkas. . . That's all my idea and thought. But to bring Lire back to the states then she need more (or huge damage buff) than those idea above.
  12. Lire's current state

    You deserve a MEDAL for what you have spoken ! I'm fine with everthing she had right now. But if you ask me to compare Lire to other character, she hit like wet noodles. . To me, Lire's 1st job is like a meme for relaxing, use mostly 2nd and 3rd job, rarely touch 4th. Lire isn't my main character but i still play her from time to time. And she always in the top 5 of most play character to me. She's cute ! She's easy to play with Crossbow. And most importantly, she is an ELF (just personal hobby, don't judge me :">) . Lire deserve more L♥VE than this !
  13. Can we talk about the Storm sisters...

    Hmmmmm... That's a good idea man ._. Why should we play "Grand Chase" when we can play "Dark Soul + Grand Chase" at the same time <(") . My Edel with GC Club + some True Iron Dragon (3 atk stat + 1 Vit) reach 8k7 HP can barely survive their attack IF get hit (as long as you survive, you can use HP potion to fill back up your HP bar). So it's not impossible to withstand it, not even mention Edel is very fast but fragile character (not "tanky" character like Seigh or Zero). If you build your character with full atk stat then you must take your risk being one hit. By learning their move and "Alt evading move", you reduce your risk even lower. All build have their pros and cons, you can't ask for everything. Beside, everytime Storm Sister use their one hit move, there is always a small flash, pay attention to it. Overtime, you will be able to dodge it ._. If you are slow to react then it's not the end of the world for you. Angry Boss allow you to resurrect ._. Where is your P-Point ? Only 10P each time, man ._. Use it ! . It's not like i intended to build 3 "atk stat and 1 vit" but some of my Edel equipments got cursed by Berkas or something ==' Can't get 4th atk stat along with 2 crit no matter what =='
  14. Can we talk about the Storm sisters...

    I think you have to deal with it ._. Someone already mentioned this before but nothing has changed ._. . Beside ._. I feel like the game right now is kinda easy (specially when you play "On Rush character", the game is even easier) .-. Some extra challenge make the game more fun <(") Learn their moves and learn how to use "Alt evade" then you will be fine ._.
  15. Lag issues

    I'm not the one who you are looking for but... Try this post: If you are using Window 10 then i recommend replacing the d3d9.dll (basically, replace your newest file with an older) in your C: drive .-. It work for me (I'm also using Win 10) .-. But remember to keep the file ready to replace again because Window will try to update your older d3d9.dll few times. Window updated my older d3d9.dll to the newest one 3 times, but i keep replacing it with an older one. After 3 times, Window stop updating the d3d9.dll file and leave it alone.