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  1. Rita's christmas party

    When I deliver the ornaments to Rita sometimes it just freezes for a few seconds and while its frozen, the time is still going and I miss some of the other ornaments. Is it possible to get rid of that lag?
  2. Elesis Disciplinary Committee

    Oh now I see. thanks
  3. Isn't there a special effect whenever you skill when your wearing that coordi? If there is then I don't see a change when she use her skills.
  4. Few bugs

    When I equip [Skin]Wonderland Elesis mini doll it closes out the client. I am not sure if it does that with the other skins from the art contest. Also lires face disappears again when she does that spin animation with 3rd job.
  5. Void/Duel

    What was that Enid? I can't hear you. You have to speak a bit louder than that.
  6. Sure. I can do stage 30 in 6-7 hours from now. I'll add you in game. Just let me know what time you plan on doing it. IGN:SoulWarrior1
  7. Account sync

    Why is the word "Reborn" taken out from our sentences? Even the letter "R" from GCR to GC-
  8. Account sync

    The GM's here wouldn't have access to your account since its on -. Sadly you will have to start over but at least you can jump your favorite character to level 70, get like 3,500 vp (I think) and a few other goodies for starting fresh.
  9. Do you guys plan on bringing back the Gaikoz armor set as a coordi? But not just that. Any season 1 armor set.
  10. [Suggestion ] Random Suggestions

    The only thing I feel like that needs to be changed is Armes lesser spirit: salamander for warlock.
  11. Odyssean Set

    Oh ok. That sucks.
  12. Odyssean Set

    I would like to know if the blue arura will go away from the Odyssean set if i were to use it as an appearance for the coordi fusion in Slot A.
  13. I noticed when I use Eurodons sword & shield for Aegis knight and attack, the sword is invisible. The only time its visible is when I use both of the 3rd bar skills.
  14. Lire's Model

    I noticed both of her arms are kinda apart. Also when playing as Lire third job her face disappears when she does this one spinning animation.
  15. GCM Fashion Show! [1/18-31/2018]

    IGN: Rozime