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  1. [Official] GCMadness - Set Image Library

    SB Gacha Sets ( Armor Seal Breaker Gacha / Coordi Gacha / ... )
  2. [Official] GCMadness - Set Image Library

    Armor Sets (GP Armors / Forge Armors / Dungeon Drop Armors / ... )
  3. [Official] GCMadness - Set Image Library

    Coordi Sets (Rita's Coordi Set / Event Coordi / K-Ching Coordi / ... )
  4. GCMadness - Set Image Library SB Gacha / Armor Set / Coordi Set / Misc Compilation Album Image sources of in-game Armor and Coordi Set are very incomplete in public searches. The old Grand Chase Wikia doens't has issues with visual presentation of each sets , either incomplete or no preview at all. This thread post provides an organized set images for all characters in different categories! Page Overview The Gallery Page consists of Armor , Coordi , SB Gacha and more Collections Change Logs !!! NOTE : Set Library Migration is still on-going , albums from the old flickr compilation that's not listed here will be added during the migration period . I'll only start taking compiling requests once all images are migrated from the old album . Set Migration is done If you want a set to be showcased , Set Requests are open in this thread , just state what Armor , Coordi , Gacha , Limited Items / Accessories , etc you want to see. (NOTE : I dont compile sets that are exclusive outside GCM) Special Set Collection
  5. Can't Claim Gacha Reward

    The gloves that you are stating must be the same level as the other pieces you unsealed. That cannot be fixed if u got a 2nd glove with a different level and fused the 1st glove that was suppose to be the original.
  6. Can't Claim Gacha Reward

    Make sure the ff. is met 1.) All Gacha pieces are in your inventory/coordi inventory 2.) All Gacha pieces are not fused with other coordis. 3.) Weapon is selected or already picked.
  7. uno blood flower

    I tested Blood Flower myself and the red damaging aura is indeed disappearing in the middle of the duration. But you can still do the Blood Flower regular rage attack , but cannot do damage via aura. This is currently a bug and known. Thank you for the information

    FPS .dll Files (Google Drive): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qXpyx7vhI0UP6jt7E3UV5dNQO_VdoyXc Make sure to try each .DLLs in order from the first one and down and delete everything after d3d9 until it's only d3d9.dll prior to launching your game. Use the d3dx9_42.dll as a last resort and cross your fingers. Please keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed fix and you might still suffer from drops. Make sure to restart your computer prior to testing out a new .DLL and remove the .DLL if you experience issues prior or after logging in. - Enid from #Solutions Channel in GCM Discord -- Basically your goal is to find the right file for your system on those list of dlls, follow the steps each time you try to test the file. 1.) Turn off all of your AntiVirus running in your system (Avast , Windows Defender , Malware Bytes , etc) 2.) Download your dll file from the URL and paste it inside the GCM Folder (root) , replace a possible old file if its asked via prompt 3.) Restart your PC (This is important). 4.) After restarting , run your launcher and check if the fps is fixed , if its still the same , you got the wrong file and have to test the others Good luck!
  9. Elesis, everyone

    Elesis is one of the characters that got a massive boost from a mediocre character into a versatile superior character. Lets breakdown the unique capabilities of Elesis. Built-In Dodge Some characters are considered to be viable based with his or her evasion. Characters like Jin , Edel or Asin are in this category , but Elesis' built in dodge (via z down) saves the usage of dodge gauge meter against attacks that are managable to be dodged without using the save system. This is one of the most defensive tools of Elesis that makes her great in dungeons and pvp. The only downside is she is required to be inside the attacking phase in order to execute this. Which is different from Jin's Rolls and dodges. Hyper Armor Another defensive tool of Elesis that allows her to be "immortal" in a short period of time, this is useful to emergency scenarios where you're likely to get killed or need time to adjust your execution or wait for a cooldown while recklessly attacking. Single Hit Imperium This are divided into two: Lance of Spirit (Spearman) and End of Heart (Knight 2nd IS) , you will need one of this as an advance approach of dealing with immobile enemies in Tower of Disappearance (Kamiki and Gaikoz) for a potential 99999999. Lance of Spirit is a straight forward move that slashes a 1 line of pierce attack, and End of Heart does 3 singular attacks, in which the first hit acts like a slightly weaker version of Lance of Spirit. Pick the one you like. Bravery Now for one of the reason this server is called Grand Chase Madness. as i said about the revamp period, one of the shocking changes that was made to elesis is her Bravery got a damage buff + an invulnerable state. So that means you use this move , spam the attack recklessly and not worry getting hit because you are invulnerable during that whole duration of Bravery. These are the worthy statements to be noted that describes Elesis' usage in dungeon (not sure about pvp tho xDD) , if you want to see more regarding her buffs , go to the Balance Sheet linked below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MUgG2Wg7yFjYXzl0JaP7vZtkmw9njLNQKtDl3KzBNFQ/edit#gid=1863949570
  10. New here

    Greetings and Welcome to Grand Chase Madness! Since you mentioned the last time you were around was the time Lass and Ronan were the newest characters , then i dont think you can imagine the difference of the previous state of Grand Chase to the things we have in Grand Chase Madness, so you can just assume this one as a better version of the original , despite you not experiencing the previous one prior to season Chaos and above. Trying out the characters above Ronan and Lass is probably a common first approach in your state and discover a lot of things xDD
  11. Rita's christmas party

    Greetings! This case shares the same issue with pvp lag as i assume, so either the server's side , internet connection or anything that affects load time delays are the one to blame. Base on experience , during the freeze time , the game still accepts the control inputs from your keyboard , so the problem is only the visuals , so during those 0.5 seconds freeze , just hold the left key to "bypass" the lag, and I suggest playing the minigame in Agnesia or any server with less players.
  12. Resset Password Error

    Greetings! Kindly private message me your IGN/email address in order to check your account details . Thanks!
  13. All Gacha

    Seal Breaker Gachas are meant to be an exclusive and limited time armor that appears occasionally , and hence the monthly rotation. The sets have that type of worth and value that requires them to be released in a limited batch per month to maintain the selection balance. That sounds really similar on asking to release the christmas sets , halloween , easter and valentines sets at the same time. Which are better done in specific time , not the same time.
  14. Devilion Gacha Bug

    Greetings , let me drop down some information regarding this stuff 1.) As far as I know , SB Gacha Items are detected via items in their original state in the inventory , so selling the item , converting/fusing the item , moving the item to a different character , or having the devilion piece with the same category part but with a different level (works only on armor gacha) will not be counted on the SB collection. So in your case , it seems the devilion pieces you have cannot be read by the system since its looking for the original item , and the devilion items are now considered as Dog Star pieces basing on the picture , which counts on Sirius Gacha , not Devilion.
  15. New Player From NAGC

    Greetings and welcome to Grand Chase Madness Assuming the last time you where around is prior to Polaris , then the new characters might not be the only thing thats required for you to get used to , since almost all skills here are readjusted in terms of damage. So jobs like Nova are more useful than her original state , and Jin has HEAVILY BUFFED as well For the detailed changes , heres the Skill Changes exclusive only to GCM : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MUgG2Wg7yFjYXzl0JaP7vZtkmw9njLNQKtDl3KzBNFQ/edit#gid=579847360 Have Fun!