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  1. new dungeon

    Trial Forest and Trial Forest are like tutorial tho why even bother giving it Champion Mode? thats why its called "TRIAL" in the first place
  2. enhance scroll

    THIS IS WHY TRANSMUTE EXISTS! i got most of my +17's from transmuting stones don't tell me its too hard to get 17e on transmute or you want the easier one
  3. new dungeon

    this is why Champion Mode exists
  4. Forge

    Grinding in 2018. this game is already easy and yet... still asking to make it easier that suggestion is so BAD tbh imma say NO as well
  5. Bug

    watch this Video so u will know how to unlock 4th MP bar and IS(Infinite Skill) i know its a bad tutorial so plz don't judge but at least it helps
  6. Next Update

    NO ETA just be be patient it will come soon
  7. Questions

    1. there might be new relic rings cuz of CC, and Harkion ring is better but... Dark Ellia ring have advantage since its (all) u can gib it to ur other chars, there's also GCM Anniversary ring u can choose what props u want but i don't know if it will be back 2. i think no since Max Sp is 120. blame KOG 3. i think yes 4. i don't know about that 5. Soon
  8. New Gatcha Rotation

    they post the link of polls in GC Madness Facebook Page and in Discord at #Announcements the current Poll link below: https://strawpoll.com/xwrb8yd1 GCM Facebook Page link below: https://www.facebook.com/GrandChaseMadnessOnline/ GCM Discord Invite Link below: https://discord.gg/2SBSquv
  9. New Gatcha Rotation

    Every month we have gacha rotation u can also vote if u want that gacha in the poll to appear in the next gacha rotation but only in coordi gacha armor gacha is staff pick
  10. Sphinx Treasure Box

    huh?! the 1st box give Sphinx Wings coordi the 2nd box give Sphinx Arm Ornament/shield coordi
  11. Sphinx Treasure Box

    u mean these sphinx box?
  12. SP Reset Card

    still want cash items to be put in Hero Shop or Mission meanwhile we have 60VP per day jeez... so desperate and u call urself dedicated player? i don't think so...
  13. Seal Breaker Scrolls

    you are really desperate AF just to implement dat idea eh
  14. Seal Breaker Scrolls

    Stop making this game easy its already easy AF! Stop suggesting cringey and bad ideas to be implemented in game
  15. Seal Breaker Scrolls

    still... NO to ur suggestion