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  3. new dungeon

    Trial Forest and Trial Forest are like tutorial tho why even bother giving it Champion Mode? thats why its called "TRIAL" in the first place
  4. new dungeon

    tat sound more like wat a game would do when they ran out of ideas add a new mode to old dungeons which makes the enemies stronger, BAM "new content" if u wan upgraded trial forest, theres king slime land, which literally uses the map for trial forest.
  5. new dungeon

    whaat about trial forest or trial tower ?? they had no Champion mode on it there's a lot few dungeon can be exploit more since they bring CC update don't say that it just for newbie and they've had no any value anymore
  6. enhance scroll

    the main ideas not to get +17 easier sometime like minigame by fusing some enhance scroll for much better item for example like blitz pet fusing which can get shadow blitz king not just for +17
  7. Yesterday
  8. enhance scroll

    THIS IS WHY TRANSMUTE EXISTS! i got most of my +17's from transmuting stones don't tell me its too hard to get 17e on transmute or you want the easier one
  9. new dungeon

    this is why Champion Mode exists
  10. enhance scroll

    can you make some event where we fusing some enhance scroll ?? which one had opportunity to get +17 or something worth
  11. new dungeon

    since on bermesiah just for low lvl dungeon, how about make some "Hard Mode" on them... maybe it sounds dumb, but some old player missed how hard to lvling on old day GC, so I'm hoping for that too
  12. evolution pet

    to be honest, MP gain from evolution pet were suck asf, even after upgrade like slime, sidt pepe and other can you buff them a little bit it's like no worth at all for evolution them for AP still good depend on glyph
  13. Last week
  14. I'd like to write down as many of the game's buggier enemies and AIs, as well as some of the more problematic enemies, design-wise. This is for future reference, in case fixing them may be possible one day. If anyone else would like to add, please do, I'll try to round up as many as I can. Disclaimer: The AI dashing too much or spamming an attack is worth noting [especially in some cases] because it slows down gameplay to an absurd degree, Magmoks, for example, roll around the map almost every second they can. So hitting them at all for most characters is a waiting game of when you can catch them. Challenge is fine, challenge due to shoddy programming is not fine, it's tedium. Serdin Harpies - Can fly under the map, forcing you to wait for them to return to the screen on their own accord, not a big deal, but very annoying. Harpy Queen - Falls down at random damage intervals and gets up at even more random times, making hitting her a chore. Has a tendency to float around during her Danger move, which she shouldn't [she's meant to stop dead in place when shooting feathers], making dodging it harder than it needs to be. Kanavan Troll - Turns invincible during jump attack, no other versions of this monster do this. Toxic Toads - Too short to be hit by some characters, has a tendency to bounce players around due to having a wide hitbox. Mini Stone Golems - Has only one attack, their twister, this is true for all versions of this monster besides the boss, AI doesn't attack often at all to compensate, ends up being almost completely passive as a monster. Paraminimy - Impossible to tell which is front and back. Gaikoz [Gate] - Gate version of this boss teleports behind you [saying something personnel] way too often, as in... almost every time you hit him. Knocking him down remedies this but the gate version can have Fall Recovery, and becomes needlessly time consuming. Silverland Blood Locusts - These things have no knock down state, not a big deal in THIS case but might be worth noting. Monstrous Ent - Jump attack is inconsistent on when it hits you, seems to have too much time to hit you. Shock Revenant - It's hitbox is all over the place, during damage state it will retract forward and become unhittable for some characters. Swamp Spirits - These things go through you, and damage you while you're touching them, this also means all melee characters [maybe besides Veigas] can barely hit them. Mystic Golem - It's wind up punch hits behind him. King Guang - You can get stuck behind him way too easily, and his attack that gets you off his back often just... places you right back there again cause he turns around too. His breath attacks have larger hitboxes than their effect, only by a little, though. Venomous Gnat - Personal cry of anguish, oh god I hate these things... Gnats have no knock down state, but their AI is exceedingly aggressive, if they are not under attack, they WILL fire needles endlessly without pause. Onyx Wendy - Almost all of her attacks hit behind her. Audrey - Same, almost seems random whether she hits you when you're behind her or not, she sometimes can't hit you in front either. Black Knight Shieldman - Is bugged or has some sort of buff that reduces all damage to him if you hurt him during his shield bash for around 5 or so seconds Said shield bash is also a counter move, so fighting these things can take up most of the dungeon. To note, this happens even if you hit him from behind, as in, behind where he's blocking. Ellia Hungry Ghost - Hitbox is inconsistent and tends to prevent further damage during combos, like Shock Revenants Mini[?] Ice Golem - Has only one attack, the tornado, it tends to spam it. Because it's his only attack and it ends up working almost like a really... REALLY tall landmine, the screen becomes close to intraverseable. It's more noticeable in DD. Elena - This is a known bug, but teleporting bosses like Elena and Kamiki can sometimes go invisible and become sitting ducks. They can still be hurt and killed during this, but it's still worth noting. If Elena summons Dark Anmon Scouts during her phase of the fight, they will remain alive and continue attacking during the cutscene for Kamiki spawning. Basilisk - This thing's hitbox is all over the place, in all versions of it, it's impossible to know where your skills will land and where they won't. Fire Golem [Kastulle] - This particuler version of the golem is aggressive to an absurd degree, getting in melee range of him will likely get him to spam his punch with almost no cooldown between his attacks. Skeleton Knight Boss - They push you around while running, and seem to only attack when you're in a corner. Would it possible to stop them from moving you like this? That might be what's messing with their AI. Dark Anmon [Gate] - The AI spams the dash attack almost exclusively, making hitting this boss harder than it should be. Xenia Lenasien - His attacks tend to hit behind him, the ranged slashes in particuler, and the final hit of his combo. Fanatic Monk - Fireball hits behind him, and is also a counter move so this happens often. Samsara - Not related, but if possible please reduce the volume of his death yell, it's very loud. Jump attack doesn't... work, only hits you when you're directly under him.Maybe it would be worth to add an actual earthquake factor to it, like it used to have. His jump attack can also land him on top of the platforms in his room, he's not meant to be able to land on those. Mynos - If you're not in melee range, and are standing on the same platform as him, he will spam his Buster and almost only his Buster, constantly. Fytros - Tackle hits behind them, also isn't rigged to the animation correctly, so you take the damage before the the Fytros actually rams you.. Hitbox moves with them, making hitting them during their damage state impossible for some characters. Meteor attack hits for a larger area than it seems, they cannot be harmed during most of it, as well. Wyrm Spawn - All of their attacks hit behind them Fire Breath's range is inconsistent Magmoks - Only have one attack, rolling, their AI is extremely aggressive and will spam this attack if it can. This also causes them to travel from one end of the stage to the other, making hitting them a chore. Rolling hits in a huge area above and below them, standing a platform above or below will still get you hurt [and it will hurt more than a direct hit from their roll] Starkiln - His two hit combo hits behind him. Dragon summoning can continue after his death. Ice Fangs - Hitboxes are awkward, attacks are larger than they appear to be. The tiger itself tends to bounce the player around, like the toxic toads, because their hitbox is too wide and moves when they are damaged. Ice Wyrm Spawn - Ramming attack hits above and below them Aron - He hits the entire screen with his melee attack. Okay, not the entire screen, but the range is gigantic and almost unavoidable. Yamini - AI uses her judgements and death sentences a bit too randomly, making it possible for her to use them over and over. She is invulnerable during these, so the boss ends up being a coin toss on how long it takes. Hideous Borers - Their hitbox is broken, back attacks do not count, and hitting them at all seems to not register sometimes. When they turn around, they may be invulnerable, they also take you with them, and end up bringing you back behind them again... which makes them turn around again... etc etc. Decoys - Hop attack has a gigantic hitbox, it's damage dealing state also seems to last for far longer than the animation, making dodging it very unwieldy. Hera - Their hitbox is smaller than their size, they can't be hurt from below, and barely from above Iblis - Blocks way too often, block invulnerability lasts for too long as well, she's almost invulnerable. Thanatos [DD] - This boss should either not appear in DD or be locked to the bottom platform in that map, he is unhittable from below, and always spawns at the top platform, meaning you have to wait for him to teleport down while he spams attacks you can't see at you. Alcubra Underpass Larve - Hitbox of it's roll attack is far larger than it appears to be, just like the Magmok's. Scorpis [DD] - Spams jump attacks which do 1 damage... which is just weird. Elder Kungji [Gate]- Cyclone duration is absurdly long, and the boss will eventually spam them, leaving countless amounts of these all over the map, completely locking the player down from getting anywhere. Archemedia Talin - His moves tend to hit behind him. Turrets are invisible. Hero/Event Dungeons Nightmare Circus Lioness - Hitboxes are the same as the Icefang's, too wide, hits tend to not register on them and they can move the player by just turning around. Their attacks are not rigged correctly to their special effects and animations, this means they will hit you with an attack and only then roar/claw at you. Oretina - You can stand in the same plain as her, but only from behind. Hitbox is strange, she's alot smaller than she appears to be, but still ends up moving the player if she turns around. Monster Train Talin's Revenge Pets Revolt Moonlight Village The Crucible Sanctum of Destruction Naamah - AI spams the explosive wall attack almost exclusively, as is well known [and cannot be fixed yet, to my knowledge], it's also bugged so that she can turn around and hit you with it even when you're not in it's range. Tower of Disappearance
  15. Character

    How can create new Character at max for slot they should Be Free character unlock?
  16. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    Thread is now locked for judging! A announcement will be made of the winners and their scheduled date with their staff member. Thank you all in advance for participating!
  17. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    To: [GM] Lucifer From: [IGN] magicreborn Time Zone: EST and/or GMT-5 "Brothers In Arms" Standing next to you, We started something bold. Unseen by others, and yet, The stories we could unfold. Of the history we made together, A brighter future of our own design. With our rules stamped downed and written, While our ideals were on the line. We look back to the past, Seeing the comfort of our memory. How long can we last, Before the future becomes the remedy? We've suffered, And we've survived, We've had things to endure But we kept each other alive. And now, on the day of embraces, I offer you more than just an arm To use in your daily hastes, And lean on in your times of alarm. Please, always remember me That we will not just be friends. Growing stronger split between I hope this message can make amends. We've been through the worst, We have returned to the dawn To showcase our remorse For the one's who have moved on. But though we have struggled and prevailed, Its hard to say who has won or who failed. Because we are Brothers In Arms forever So let us hug out this endeavor.
  18. Repeat character creation

    I had once posted a suggestion to combat this problem. I do believe that KOG didn't put too much thought into the characters after Mari which used one weapon in terms of allowing you to build different paths and store them so u can then switch between the best suited path for the run. We can see that their solution was to make characters (with one weapon) which had access to all their skills from all jobs as with Rufus then Edel and Veigas; and with Uno, they decided to go back to using 4 weapons. Anyways, here's a link to that post which has a more in depth explanation; you may share your two cents on the idea as well~ Cheers, Ikta
  19. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    This poem is for [MOD] Samuru 2/13/2019 (PST) 2:39 pm IGN: HEEEEEEE I know that I’m just a rookie, but let’s keep this simple, straight to the point. Just like the game and character Uno, you are number 1 to me. So I guess what I’m tryna say is, would you be my date in this game of GC? (P.S. I ain't gay)
  20. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    TO: [GM Adrian} Time Zone: CET IGN: Eline591 DARKNESS its a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these, i prefer some GCM dungeons, but i cant beat them alone, its to dangerous to get exposed to the darkness by yourself. only Adrian the best person of them all can, with the skills and knowledge, the kindness in his hearth, can beat every bit of darkness , but he doesn't waste his knowledge nor his skills, he uses them to help us all, even if there is a wall, with any question we got with any might he has, he is always there for us fighting to free us from the dark side, even if you get dragged deep within, way out of sight, seeing no way out its so tight, there is always a spark of light, hes the hand that well reach for u, leaving no one behind, and thats what the community is about, helping and caring for others fighting for our right, let us the people who fight the darkness be together and battle as a team, and help Adrian when he needs us, show him hes not alone because we're always there. GO FOR IT EVERYONE~
  21. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    Ign:exceed15 Username:sarahmac0 Gmt+8 To:GM KOUYZ "The most important person" To the most important person, That gives me a new reason. To whom that had i affection, In this valentine season. To whom who makes our youth comeback, When im already old and laidback. For almost 2 years since the start of the server, Your perseverance shines and shimmer. Your dedication on the game itself, Fills up the joy in myself. GM kouyz i know how hard your job is, But you know that all is worth it. You're the one i respect the most, Since you're the admin, the boss and the host. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, For giving us to play and be a part. I wish you'd pick me and have a time, So can thank you personally i hope its fine. I love you gm kouyz as a friend, And i really want to make ammend. So for this valentine event you made, I put all my effort on this poem i made. All my heart, my mind and soul, I put it here as one as whole. Thanks gm kouyz. I know you are the owner, and i really thank you for making this server. More power and Godbless.
  22. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    This Poem is for: [GM] Rivia Time Zone:GMT+7 (12:47 AM) Usename: spider022 IGN: DragonRx "Love is ... " Love is like sea water that fills a portion of the earth's contents Give a lot of life Make other people curious And everyone must experience love Love is sincerity Love is Will Love is mutual understanding Love is beautiful if we can put it in the best place in the heart Make love so beautiful in your heart Because love can be as beautiful as you want I love you [GM] Rivia In all your less and more In my door, [GM] Rivia name is tucked away, which I always miss I Love you so much [GM] Rivia
  23. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    To: [GM] Kouyz Time Zone: GMT +0 IGN: Beppy Even tho u dont know I'm always watching Even if u try to hide I will always know There is no lurking to be had I'm not yours and ur not mine but thats just a setback We can make it faster
  24. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    To: [GM] Enid Time zone: GMT+7 IGN: HolyOreo It’s 7.30, hero dungeons are open But here i am, in a room full of Angry Bosses. Keep dying and dying, But is revived by my couple’s Natal Ring. Hours has passed, people are exhausted. One asked “Is your mission done?” Mission The word keeps poppin’ in my head I clicked menu, but couldn’t find a thing I was sad, confused, Why don’t i have the thing that everybody has? How am i any different? Why am i treated differently? Until that moment my couple texted this wonderful person on discord, The one they call Enid. DING! It was a text, this Enid guy replied in no time, gave the explanation we needed. The person that made me feel like i’m not out of the GC Madness bubble. From that point, I will always remember his name. Enid. HAHAHAHA i hope my couple doesn’t see this. Thanks Enid for the help and all the work you’ve put!
  25. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    02/11/2019 GMT+8 (6:40 PM) Username:Yuirey IGN: Yuirein This poem is for [MOD] Samuru In The Eyes of Geas A Thousands falling snow above the sky, Reminds me of every time you smile A shock wave of emotions flowing around, A white snow that reflects how innocent you are Feeling like a Gunslinger giving my best shot Every time I see you’re smile. I wonder if you notice me, Does your heart feel the same as mine? Thinking that you could be mine. How can I get what my heart desires? If all the people around us Are like Cannon's that always fire. Like a Rune caster I want to build my world around you, I want you to see how much it means to me. So even if we go to the skies of Xenia Or in the depths of Partusay Sea, I hope we could play and spend time together I couldn't wish a better gift as we face the Celebration of heart I just want you to be my Valentines.
  26. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    " The Light " By: ItzNeji Created 2:12AM EST This poem Is for ( GM Rivia )! It seems dark on the end of this part. Is it because the light doesn't shine this far? Its far from love when its cold at night. Look up above, but down enough you see the light doesn't shine that bright. In the middle of nowhere, by the sea you're there! I don't believe My eyes can see Its not a dream I swear!! In the heart that finds out where we,re at the start so we stop and stair. My dear Valentine now here's the light that shines everywhere!!! File of my rough draft attached! I really hope you enjoy this "GM Rivia" The Light.rtf
  27. Forge Bug

    Hi, so I have found another bug that I would like to address. So I went on my day and about to forge some armor but instead I got this error message (GrandChase20190206_203610.BMP). As you can see it says it success but as I went through my inventories I did not have the armor that I wanted. GrandChase20190206_203631.BMP. GrandChase20190206_203652.BMP. GrandChase20190206_203657.BMP. I had this issue as of last week but I just now have the time to submit this issue. Thanks. GrandChase20190206_203701.BMP
  28. main.exe not responding

    My main.exe stops responding in task manager and i get stuck at the white loading screen. and if it somehow finishes loading, i wont be able to type anything in the log-in and then it crashes with an error in adjusting the window size. pls help :c
  29. [Judging]Date A GM - Poetry

    To: [MOD]Samuru From: Loisse IGN: lLorelei TIME: 9:12pm (Italy Time)[GMT+1] ''Forever together'' We knew each other, because we're NAGC Player I always remember the time when we play together you had that cool gacha set named keter and we were grinding ABHM and you were the boss slayer. I'd like to spend more time with you together and always be by your side forever. I'm glad that we meet and play again, I hope that this journey will never end. let's stay together like before, cause i don't want to lose you anymore. let's do some dungeon make more memories, so we can defeat more enemies. Whenever you're hungry I can cook for you, and remember I'll always take care of you. Thanks for being there every time i feel lonely don't worry I'll be there in case you need me. your nickname is Andy while mine is Lory, perfect nicknames for a LOVE STORY.
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